Individual Tours

If you are going to book our individual/private tours for your holidays, and when you are sure that you are going to do some other options like trekking, climbing or expedition trips within the Cordillera Blanca or Cordillera Huayhuash with us. You can choose to do a tour alone or you can join an open group. Going alone is more expensive but you get a more personalized experience. However, the best deal is to join one of our groups or start your own, this way you can share both the experiences and cost with others! Whatever you are looking for, Peru Expeditions can help you. we would be happy to give you a good offer on the prices that are online. For more details and information please contact us ✓

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Climbs in The Cordillera Huayhuash

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Individual travel in Peru and South America. Plan and complement your journey with our programs Peru Expeditions Tours offer you the best tour treks and expeditions. Individual trips can not be planned with a catalog. Our tailor-made tours allow you to get to know and love the country as authentically as possible. We place special emphasis on expert and detailed advice, personal travel planning and detail-accurate booking of all services. Of course including flight, privat transport, day trips and country-style accommodation. We take care of logistics and organization so that you have your head free for the beauty of the landscape, we have already our offers for the next season 2023!