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South America

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Unmistakable nature and impressive culture on your trip to South America

Primeval forests alternate with fantastic beaches, spectacular mountains run through this exciting continent from north to south. South America will fascinate you with its scenic sophistication and its diverse culture. Follow in the footsteps of the former explorers and explore this unique continent, which has retained so much of its original beauty centuries later.

Be mesmerized by the Andean highlands of Peru, follow the rushing Amazon River south through Brazil through tropical rainforests, and finally stand in Argentina before the soaring splendor of Aconcagua, the continent’s highest mountain. Your trip to South America will bring you into harmony with a beautiful exotic nature full of monkeys, parrots and reptiles or you will be amazed by the achievements and buildings of the bygone cultures. Meet and learn from peoples who have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. South America will open your eyes in so many directions.

Your South America trip can be anything, safari, trekking or cultural trip. We offer you exactly the right thing for your taste. Let yourself be inspired by our exciting offer. An abundance of species-rich plants, impressive animal species, amazing landscapes and fascinating cultural sites are just waiting for you!

South America vacation in all its facets

Up close to the wildlife: a safari trip in the rainforest

When you think of a safari trip , you usually see the African savannah in your mind’s eye. With a jeep through South Africa or Kenya and watch elephants, zebras and lions. It should not be forgotten that a trip to South America also makes formative and impressive safaris possible. In fact, perhaps an even greater adventure is a safari through the South African rainforest. The dense jungle makes it impossible to explore nature by car. You go very originally on the small paths of the nativesand meander past the mighty tropical woods, bend down in front of lianas and catch exclusive glimpses of the animals that live there. Or you can use the Amazon as a locomotion route and paddle past wild caimans on your dugout to get a completely different view of the mystical rainforest.

For a safari, Brazil is the starting point of your South America trip. The microcosm of the rainforest is open to you from Manau. Led by professional tour guides, you will explore the jungle, on water and on land, learn common survival methods and observe colorful macaws in the treetops. And who knows? With a bit of luck you will also see the shy jaguar?

Trekking adventure and Seven Summit ascent

It doesn’t have to be the rainforest. Instead of going on a safari, experience the bond with nature on a trekking tour through the world of the South American mountains . Climb narrow paths that reward you with breathtaking views over the majestic Andes at an altitude of over 4,000 meters and also observe typical animal species of the country. There are few moments more sublime than standing in the deep gorges of Peru’s Cola Canyon and watching the magnificent Andean condors soar across the sky with their mighty wings.

Your South America trip can take you to some of the most exciting and awe-inspiring places on our planet. Aconcagua, for example, is one of the most breathtaking peaks on the continent . The “stone guardian” of the Andes in Argentina stands sublime and towers almost 7,000 meters into the air. The highest mountain in South America is easy to climb for advanced mountaineers. Cross one of the Seven Summits (as the highest peaks on all seven continents are called) off your list on our tours led by trained local tour guides. But in the end, the phenomenal view of the vastness of Argentina and Chile will be your reward.

On a trekking tour on your trip to South America , learn to appreciate the closeness to pristine nature like never before and get to know the concepts of teamwork and tolerance in a whole new way.

Past and current cultural treasures of South America

Well into the 16th century, the empire of the legendary Inca stretched across almost the entire west coast of South America. They shaped the entire continent more than almost any other culture. The ruins of their cities and fortresses still tower high in the peaks of the Andes. Let yourself be inspired by the extremely advanced buildings and technical achievements of a bygone era and follow in the footsteps of the Incas on your trip to South America. Explore the impressive Sacred Valley of the Incas or climb the majestic Machu Picchu. The former capital of the empire is probably the symbol of the Inca culture to this day and is rightly part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

But it would be unfair to the continent to reduce it to its past. South America is full of life. Travel to the country’s lively capitals, stroll through the bustling streets of Lima or party with the residents of Brasilia or Santiago de Chile. Experience for yourself the positivity of the modern South Americans or be impressed by the numerous tribes that have lived in absolute harmony with nature for centuries, far removed from all modernity , such as the Urus, who live secluded on floating islands in Lake Titicaca.

Your trip to South America will take you into a rich treasure trove of culture – and we have the key for you.

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