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Chavin de Huantar: The oldest stone building in the world is on the agenda, Chavin de Huantar, a complex of ruins in the form of a temple castle. The approximately 3-hour journey takes you past a crystal-clear lagoon and later sinking into a dark tunnel. During the tour, but it is light again, so we make only once the hill fortress Castillo. Probably still in its original place is El Lanzon, the lance, a 4.5-meter-high granite monolith. The east gate to the Tello Obelisk and the Raimondi Stela are other highlights of the day. Later we drive back to Huaraz, where is a little rest the day. The journey takes us through spectacular Andean pass with interesting insights into the southern part of the Cordillera Blanca.

Puya Raymondi and Pastaruri: This prohibited to entering the glacier by the Huascaran National Park by the glacier retreat (global warming). The Puya Raymondi is a bromeliad plant that only grows in certain places at a certain altitude. In its whole existence it will only flower once. When flowering, the Puya Raimondi shows about 20.000 flowers. Following the same road, we visit the Pastoruri Glacier.

Lagunas Llanganuco: We visit the two Llanganuco Lakes located in the Llanganuco Valley: Chinancocha and Orconchocha at (4000 m). From here, snowcapped Mount Huascaran, Huandoy and Yanapacha can be observed. Northern Archaeological tour package to the north coast of Peru 5 days. tours in Casma, Trujillo and Chiclayo; package through the main archaeological cities of the north coast of Peru with services all inclusive hotel breakfast guide and entrance transport, operated by Peru Qorianka package travel agency.

Northern Archaeological: tour package to the north coast of Peru 5 days. tours in Casma, Trujillo and Chiclayo; package through the main archaeological cities of the north coast of Peru with services all inclusive hotel breakfast guide and entrance transport, operated by Peru Qorianka package travel agency.

Trujillo is a city in coastal northwestern Peru and the capital of La Libertad Region. It is the centre of the second most populous city of the country[13] and the second most populous metropolitan area of Peru. It is located on the banks of the Moche River, near its mouth at the Pacific Ocean, in the Moche Valley. This was a site of the great prehistoric Moche and Chimu cultures[14] before the Inca conquest and subsequent expansion.

Casma is a city in the Ancash Region, Peru. It is located in the Casma Valley. Its surface has 1 204,85 km².

Chiclayo is the capital city of the Lambayeque region in northern Peru. It is located 13 kilometers inland from the Pacific coast and 770 kilometers from the nation’s capital, Lima. As of 2011, Chiclayo is the fourth most populous city in Peru, with a population of 629,990 comprising 6 contiguous urban districts: Chiclayo, José Leonardo Ortiz, La Victoria, Pomalca, Reque and Pimentel; it is the principal city of the fourth most populous metropolitan area of Peru. Founded by Spanish explorers as “Santa María de los Valles de Chiclayo” in the 16th century, it was declared a city on 15 April 1835 by president Felipe Santiago Salaverry. He named Chiclayo “the Heroic City” to recognize the courage of its citizens in the fight for independence, a title it still holds. Other nicknames for Chiclayo include “The Capital of Friendship” and the “Pearl of the North”.

Travel Program

Visit to one of the most important archaeological monuments: Chavin was declared a Heritage of Humanity; one of the first cultures in Peru also a cult centre; visit to museum of Chavin where we learn about diverse stages of developing of this this culture in Peru. Chavin de Huantar archaeological Tour includes visit to Callejón de Huaylas valley, Lake Querococha, after ascent to pass Cahuish and descent to enter valley of Conchucos till village of Chavin, duration: 8 hours.

Overnight Hotel (B/-/-)

This day we will go to the north part of Huaraz, visiting all the Callejon de Huaylas valley and then enter to the Huascaran National Park to admire the highest mountain in Peru ( 6768m); we starting off our tour with visit to Carhuaz where we can enjoy traditionally prepared ice-cream, take some photos of plaza de armas; we visit ancient town of Yungay Campo Santo known for its tragic event in 1970 when all town was buried in avalanche during earthquake; after we ascent to Laguna Chinacocha; in Llanganuco we take a boat ride; we pass through Caraz to purchase some handmade delicacies; on the way back to Huaraz we visit crafty town of Tarica. Llanganuco lake Tour which includes a visit to Callejon de Huaylas; Campo Santo de Yungay, lake Chinancocha, and Llanganuco’s valley, duration: 8 hours.

Overnight Hotel (B/-/-)

We will head to south from Huaraz; our visit starts at sector of Carpa; first we visit Laguna Patococha famous for presents of wild ducks; spring of carbonated water which filters naturally through ground; after we visit lake Pumapashimi also known as lake of 7 colours without the end and forest of Puyas Raymondi plant which represents Andes; in the end we visit the glacier of Pastouri (5000 masl) where we rest for a hour. Pastoruri Glacier and Puyas Raymondi Tour includes visit to south part of callejón de Huaylas valley, villages of Recuay, Ticapampa, Catac and entrance to Huascaran National Park to visit laguna Patococha, mineral water, laguna of 7 colours and finally the Glacier at 5000 masl, duration: 8 hours.

Overnight Hotel (B/-/-)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will visit the archaeological complex of Sechin which is located only 10 minutes from the city, on the north side of the hill Laguna, it is a ceremonial center buildings of adobe and stone belonging to the Sechin Culture ( 1800 BC – 800 BC). To finish the package, we will have a late Tortugas beach, perfect for relaxation and recreation oasis is located near the city of Casma. Turtle Beach is the largest resort in the department of Ancash. Overnight in Casma, duration: 8 hours.

Overnight Hotel (B/-/-)

Breakfast at the Hotel and departure to Trujillo (about 2 hours), then check in respective hotel, we started the tour by visiting the historic center of Trujillo: The Perimeter Wall (Baluarte Herrera), Plazuela Recreation, Museum archaeological, Iturregui Palace, Emancipation House, La Merced Church, Mariscal de Orbegoso House, Calonge Urquiaga House, the Cathedral, Mayorazgo House and Plaza Mayor. Rest of the afternoon, we recommend visiting the craft fair and footwear. Overnight in Trujillo, duration: 4 hours.

Overnight Hotel (B/-/-)

Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning excursion to the Moche Valley, visiting the Countryside Moche, in the countryside temple highest in Latin adobe, the Temple of the Moon, whose walls are decorated with beautiful arabesques in high relief with motifs of lies Mochica mythology. Afternoon: Visit to the Archaeological Complex Chan-Chan, visiting the Rainbow Temple or Huaca the Dragon, the Tschudi Palace, one of the nine best preserved citadels, its walls are decorated with friezes of high relief, tour their seats ceremonial worship , reservoirs, granaries, temples or hearings, funeral platform, ending the visit in the fishing village of Huanchaco, traditional fishing port where you can see the horses of Totora (ancient craft Moche). Overnight at the selected hotel, duration: 8 hours.

Overnight Hotel (B/-/-)

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Chiclayo for the tour to Tucume visiting the National Museum of Sican and then go to the archaeological complex famous for its pyramids and terraces surrounding the magic mountain traditionally known as Purgatory or Raya. It can be seen as 25 pyramids that cover an area of 49 km2 including the Temple Stakes, Mirador etc. Later we will move to Lambayeque for lunch and then visit the new and modern Royal Tombs of Sipan, which has 10 showrooms throughout its route, where you can appreciate the treasures of the Lord of Sipan and large collection of objects of gold, silver and copper. Night accommodation in Chiclayo, duration: 6 hours.

Overnight Hotel (B/-/-)

After breakfast at the hotel. Visit Sipan to 33 km of Chiclayo and 2 km from the village of Sipan, which is a place of discovery of the treasure of the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, known mundilamnete by the sumptuousness of its ornaments and the high degree of technological development in the goldsmith work. Visit the site museum where replicas of the excavations. Return to Chiclayo. time transfer hotel / airport or bus station, duration: 7 hours.

Overnight Hotel (B/L/-)

Included meals: B=breakfast; L=lunch; D=dinner

What's Included

Services included in the prices:

  • Peruvian english speaker private guide
  • Share – transport in the coast
  • Privat transport as tour schedule / Huaraz
  • Hotel Casa Blanca in Huaraz
  • Hotel Colonial in Trujillo
  • Hotel Casma
  • Hotel Chiclayo
  • Entrace fees in North of Peru
  • Entrance fees to the Huascaran National Park

Not included:

  • Bus Lima – Huaraz – Lima (available on request about us)
  • Eating in restaurants in Lima and Huaraz
  • Food in Lima and Huaraz
  • Personal Equipment: Rainwear and outerwear

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Season: April to December
Difficulty: Easy

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