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About Us

Our motto is — safety and quality!

In the organization of climbs to the tops, in climbing expeditions and in the most difficult high-altitude climbs to Everest and Antarctica, Peru Expeditions Tours sets the trend in Peru and the countries of the post-Soviet space.

Climbing for us is a very interesting hobby, in which we are very professional, traveling with us is interesting and safe, and the level of service is at the highest level!

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What Makes us Different?

At Peru Expeditions Tours: We offer the best service for all our customers and here is what makes us different than others.

We work with the best Mountain Guides

Juventino Albino Caldua

Certified professional guide by: IVBV – UIAGM – IFMGA
Languaje: He Speaks, Spanish, Quechua, English & Italian

Eleazar Blas Blas

Certified professional guide by: IVBV – UIAGM – IFMGA
Languaje: He Speaks, Spanish, Quechua, English & Italian

Roger Rodolfo Lliuya Reyes

Certified professional guide by: IVBV – UIAGM – IFMGA
Languaje: He Speaks, Spanish, Quechua & English

Our Team

Juventino Martin Albino Caldua

Co-Founder, Peru Expeditions – Mountain guide certified IVBV – UIAGM – IFMGA

Telephone: +51 942 646 424
E-Mail: [email protected]

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Eric Albino Lliuya

General Manager, Peru Expeditions

Telephone: +51 942 646 424
E-Mail: [email protected]

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Koseth Saenz

Travel and logistics organization in Lima

Telephone: +51 942 646 424
E-Mail: [email protected]

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Our Partners Who are working with us

Our Awards

At Peru Expeditions Tours, we believe in curating award-winning South American travel experiences for our
guests, being a champion for sustainability and supporting the communities that we work,
visit and live in – along the way, we’ve received some accolades for the work that we’ve
done through the following organizations and initiatives:


Travelers’ Choice 2015-2020, 2022, 2023

The Travelers’ Choice Award recognizes the very best tourism establishments in terms of service, quality, and customer satisfaction. Each year, Tripadvisor combs through reviews, ratings, and travel stories from travelers everywhere, using that information to award the very best. We’re excited to be a Travelers’ Choice Award winner since 2015 and thank our guests for their help with keeping us at the top of our game and their part in this major accomplishment.


Peru Expeditions Tours and Grupo Alpamayo Tours: is a proud recipient of the Safe Travels stamp – world’s first global safety and hygiene stamp awarded by The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) , which represents the global private sector of Travel & Tourism, with a mission to ensure the sector is seamless, secure, safe, inclusive and sustainable. This stamp allows travelers to recognize which governments, destinations, and companies have committed to providing the safest travel experience possible by adopting these safety and hygiene protocols.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 sets the international standard for organizations seeking to meet or exceed quality control metrics. At the same time, it helps consumers to differentiate companies, making it easier to choose providers. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). → For more information and continue reading


The System of Application of Good Practices – SABP is the tool of the National Tourism Quality Plan – CALTUR aimed at introducing the tourist service provider in processes of continuous quality improvement, through the application of good management practices, specifically designed for each type of service. → For more information and continue reading


Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura – Chimbote
Dirección: Av. José Gálvez Nº 356 – Chimbote.

Teléfono:(043) 320716

Email: [email protected]

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Ancash Regional Government
Organize, plan and lead the Regional Management executing the policies of social economic development, natural resources and the environment, infrastructure, investment and territorial conditioning, in harmony, agreement and coexistence with local authorities and society → For more information and continue reading


We are certified as Adventure Tourism Operators with headquarters in the province of Huaraz, Ancash Region developing Adventure Tourism activities in the different scenarios of the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash for lovers of outdoor sports such as Mountain Bike, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Trekking and Mountain Climbing. → For more information and continue reading


We are certified as Adventure Tourism Operators with headquarters in the province of Huaraz, Ancash Region developing Adventure Tourism activities in the different scenarios of the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash for lovers of outdoor sports such as Mountain Bike, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Trekking and Mountain Climbing. → For more information and continue reading

CERTIFIED BY AAVOTA – Asociación de Agencias de Viajes y Operadores de Turismo Ancash

Responsible Tourism: Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators of Ancash – AAVOTA ANCASH, a union that brings together the main Travel Agencies and Tour Operators of the Ancash Region. “CONSUME FORMAL TOURISM” Buy in a Formal Travel Agency. We are the most representative association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in northern Peru, we are local operators in the circuits of the Cordillera Blanca, Huayhuash, the Ancash Coast and the entire Ancash region. 100% reliable and certified
All our associated members are tourist companies with all the legal licenses required by Peruvian law. We are currently 33 Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in the Ancash Region, associated with AAVOTA ANCASH. We promote and stimulate the activities of travel agencies and tour operators in the Ancash region. We fight for the formality and quality of the tourist services provided by our associates. → For more information and continue reading


Attraction Huascaran National Park Paradise on Earth. Impressive. There is no other word for it.This is a paradise surrounded by imposing glaciers whose melt waters bathe these mountains and give rise to mighty rivers. Here there are hundreds of species of flora and fauna, while the more than 33 archaeological sites connect visitors with the history of Peru as they commune with nature. This National Park is home to the puya Raimondi, a plant that grows up to 12 meters in height. The area is studded with pure turquoise lakes. It is a paradise on Earth. Biodiversity The park presents rare and endangered flora and fauna species: Vicuña population (Vicugna vicugna) and its main habitat; Spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus) and Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) population; relict forests of puyas (Puya raimondi), queñua (Polylepis spp) and quisuar (Buddleia. → For more information and continue reading

Why us the most

Ideologically, Peru Expeditions Tours was created in 1978

For the implementation of the NEW DESTINATIONS in South America project, but then grew into a powerful and sustainable company.

Since 1978 ( and the founder since 1983 ) we have been organizing commercial adventures

In South America and of the world more and now have achieved the fact that more than 1000 people a year are climbing with us.

We have been working on our tours for many years.

with time-tested partners in the field – the best and most reliable. That is why our prices are higher than the prices of competitors.

Our partners are not the cheapest

But they are selected and they provide a high level of service and security. That is why – our customers feel comfortable and safe on trips with Peru Expeditions Tours.

Our guides work with us for several years and undergo rigorous selection

These are the best guides in South America commercial mountaineering. Masters of sports, climbers on the highest peaks of each country, world recorders, super enthusiasts of mountaineering.

Our service level is the highest

All equipment is proven and reliable. We are constantly changing outdated equipment – increasing customer safety.

We constantly monitor and change partners

And local guides whose service level is starting to fall.

Our managers – the most experienced in our company

They have already made the mistakes that all those who are just starting to work make. And they practically do not make mistakes. The work of such managers is expensive!!

In the Mountains, as in the bath – everyone is equal!

We are able to work both with middle-income people and with VIP clients – billionaires and corporations. But we do not distinguish between trips.

A Company Run by Experts Mountaineering Family

At Peru Expeditions Tours: As a peruvian native working for the hospitality industry, Eric Raul Albino Lliuya and his family, had witnessed many-a-time groups of exasperated tourists being shepherded onto crowded tour buses. Knowing they were not being treated to a genuine local experience, he experienced a light-bulb moment:

Peru needed a specialized, customer-oriented travel company that treated travelers as individual people whose wanderlust for the world around them was taken seriously.

He developed Peru Expeditions Tours to empower travelers, establishing a woman-led company where 74% of key leadership roles are also held by women. Ever since, Peru Expeditions Tours has been providing private, personalized, luxury tours across South America.

And now we expand our knowledge of our travel destination to the Central American country that is Costa Rica and North America Mexico, and of course here we also include, together with our international partner, the 7 continents such as climbing to the 7 highest peaks of each continent. → For more information and continue reading

Redefining Luxury Travel

With Peru Expeditions, luxury is not defined by expenses.

We aim to ensure that your experience is a worthy one, taking care of the finer details and logistics so all
you need to concern yourself with is enjoying your trip. Whether you wish to stay in a 5-star hotel or
prefer to visit a charming family-owned cottage in an idyllic location, Peru Expeditions Tours is dedicated to curating the
best accommodations and experiences for your vacation.

Travel Destinations

We create journeys for travelers that yearn to go deeper and explore more
meaningful travel experiences.

From trekking through the Andes, to the depths of the Amazon rainforest – unlock your sense of adventure with
bespoke and soulful itineraries, no matter which destination is calling out to you.

Moved By People

Planning a highly detailed international itinerary online can prove difficult when you do it alone. Our team of experts are here for you, with a deeply personal understanding of the region to tailor your vacation perfectly.

Our custom itineraries are designed for your bucket list items – your dreams drive everything we do. Kuoda’s travel-loving staff have a wealth of knowledge and adventure-seeking spirit, allowing us to create exclusive and rewarding itineraries every time. We also have a private network of over 80 elite guides, drivers, historians, chefs and experts, who will ensure your experience is unforgettable. With nearly two decades of experience and a revolutionary team of travel experts, Peru Expeditions Tours guarantees your luxury tour of South America will be a mystical, remarkable experience.

Since 1978, we have crafted personalized itineraries for more than 12,300 travelers yearning to explore South America.
Our network of travel and hospitality experts is made up of over 182 local guides, drivers, and hosts to whom Peru Expeditions Tours gives direct and indirect employment.
In the past year, 99% of Peru Expeditions Tours travelers say they would recommend Kuoda to others and would choose to travel with us again.
At present, children and adults from 52 communities have benefited from Peru Expeditions Tours Kaypi Kunan social initiatives in computer literacy, music lessons, and more.

Our team

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YOU ARE AN ADVENTURE LOVER and you want to experience something extraordinary and extreme?

You are an adventure lover and you dream of leaving with a thrill. Peru Expeditions Tours is also an option for you. Take advantage of our travel offer that we have for you!

“We don’t sell tours, we provide memorable lifetime experiences.”

We are a recognized tour operator 100% peruvian company that specialists in adventure and traditional tours service.