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Safety First” It’s Always Best to Avoid Unnecessary Risks: We have an impeccable record. Our guides are certified in outdoor first aid and in food safety. Our guides are trained extensively and undergo our customized and comprehensive guide training. Our drivers are professionals in tourist service; our entire team has permanent training in good customer service.

Your safety is our top priority especially when you are exploring out in the wilderness. We are working on it, we already have our international service quality certification, more information click here and see it. → IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS OF THE ISO 9001: 2015 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Our Emergency Kit


Each Vidal Expeditions guide has an oximeter and monitors your condition as you get higher and higher in elevation to let you know the oxygen percentage you have. Everyone’s body has a different reaction to the altitude, and of course our guides will keep you informed and let you know if you need to take a bit of oxygen as our guides will have an oxygen tank with them.


Besides the tools mentioned above, our guides will carry the oxygen tank, a first aid kit full of medicine, and other tools needed for the trek, so just ask them and they will be happy to provide them; however, we still suggest you bring your kit if you are taking your own medicine or any particular medication you may be taking that was prescribed by your doctor.


As part of our planning and preparation, all our tour guides use two-way radios, which help us manage appropriate emergency responses, interface with first responders, and save lives.


We will make sure your heartbeat and blood pleasure are working okay in the mountains; our guides are trained to use this tool, and in that way, you will enjoy more of your adventure safely.


Each of our alternative treks, such as the Salcantay Trek or the Lares Trek, and other treks that are also demanding such as the Huayhuash trek, Santa Cruz trek, or Alpamayo trek, and many more. will always have one emergency horse to use in case you are out of breath or tired. We also provide helmets when you are riding; please ask your guide.


We carry emergency oxygen tanks for altitude sickness prevention, so we can ensure our guests a safe journey. The Oxishot 8.8L Portable Oxygen is a pure (90%) oxygen source. With the size of a tomato and a weight of 145 gr you can take it anywhere. Its use is not exclusive to offset the effects of altitude sickness, but to reduce fatigue, relieve shortness of breath, relax, among others. It has a content equivalent to approximately 150 aspirations of 02 seconds each. Each can includes its own mask.


One Man High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPO) Chamber

The Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) is an effective, simple, durable, lightweight and affordable hyperbaric chamber for use at high altitude. Rest easy in the knowledge that you can deal with altitude illness in any situation, in any weather, at any time.

The treatment of severe altitude illness (HACE and HAPE) is descent. But if conditions do not allow for an immediate and effective descent, the use of PAC technology is life saving.

The hyperbaric chamber concept for treating altitude illness has been around for more than 30 years. The PAC works by increasing the pressure inside the chamber using a foot pump. At high altitude, this increased pressure delivers a therapeutically significant amount of extra oxygen to the victim, which simulates a descent. Many lives have been saved by this essential piece of safety equipment.

The PAC is an Australian product, designed for trekking groups both private and commercial, as well as expeditions to high altitude.


Large Windows: To help maintain visual contact

Papered Shape: Maximises the space around head and shoulders

Circumferential Zip: Helps the victim to get in and out of the PAC easily

Automatic Release Valve: Set at 2.0 PSI, stimulating a descent of approx. 2000 mtrs at an altitude of 5000 mtrs.

Variable Pressure Release Valve: To control the rate of inflation/deflation.

External Anchor Point: For security on steep ground

Accessories: Includes repair kit, pump, carry bag, instruction manual and video

The PAC has been designed to be as simple to operate as possible. One operator can perform a complete treatment cycle on their own. A summary of the instructions found in the operator’s instruction manual are printed on the PAC itself, while all the valves are clearly labeled to avoid confusion.

Made from tough, reinforced PVC, the chamber is robust and designed to withstand the rigours of the mountains.

The PAC, all up with pump, hose, manual, repair kit and storage bag, weighs in at about 8 kgs.


Evolution of a great classic, Lecco 2.0 is the new stretcher for mountain rescue that maintains the same versatility of the previous version with new features that make it even more versatile and efficient!
Product chosen by CNSAS – National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps

The main features are:

Its length, shoulder supports included, is 3.1 meters. Without the supports it is 2 meters long. Refolded in its carrying ruck-sack, the stretcher measures 85x55x22 centimeters. The weight is 16 kg (without carriage bag).
The fabric cover has a range of webbing straps in different colors for seizing hold of the injured person at all key points. Four outer compression straps ensure the patient is safely secured. A double zipper allows the fabric cover to be completely opened for inspection, including of the lower limbs. Additional zipper at the foot. The generous cover size and compression strap lengths allow a vacuum mattress to be fitted (indispensable for immobilizing the injured person).

The front and rear shoulder supports are fitted with comfortable padding. The front shoulder supports can be inserted in a straight position for carriage on general terrain or reversed in position for extremely steep slopes or jutting drops, thus preventing the rescuer from slipping out of the shoulder supports. The length of the rear supports allow the rescuer to have good ground visibility.

The stretcher, complete with shoulder supports, has been designed for supporting a SWL (Safety Working Load) regularly distributed on the surface of 180 kg (safety factor 1:4). This load can never be applied to a single point only. Kong has reproduced in its laboratory the real stretcher employment conditions and has submitted it to destructive tests through static stretching. The kit for hanging the stretcher to a helicopter or aerial rope-way can support a SWL of 500 kg (safety factor 1:4).

The wide tape for lowering the stretcher, when inserted correctly according to the instructions, is guaranteed for a SWL of 400 kg (safety factor 1:4)

Winner of the Compasso d’Oro award, honor signal in 1994.

High quality product, completely designed and manufactured in Italy, which has become a global standard, now improved in many details that make it the ideal choice for rescue in hostile environments!


Vertical rescue stretcher is a design that provides excellent protection and safety to the patient. It comes equipped for horizontal hoisting by helicopter or for vertical lifting in caves or industrial confined spaces. When the patient is packed, the stretcher becomes rigid.
SKEDCO basket-type stretcher for vertical rescue, rough areas and confined spaces, with reinforced buckles. Design that provides excellent protection and safety to the patient. It comes equipped for horizontal hoisting by helicopter or for vertical lifting in caves or industrial confined spaces. When the patient is packed, the stretcher becomes rigid.


  • Load capacity: 136Kg.
  • Resistance of its slings is 2,600Kg vertically and 4,500Kg horizontally.
  • Accessories: Backpack, Slings for horizontal rescue, Slings for vertical rescue, 2 belts, 4 interchangeable handles and 1 carabiner.
  • Standards: EN354, EN1498 and EN1865
  • Measurements: collected 23x91cm and extended 91x244cm
  • Total weight 8.6kg

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