Let's go to Mount Carstensz

(4,884 meters) Oceania

More info about Australia y Oceanía Expeditions Tours: Karstensz Pyramid (4884 m) or simply Karstensz. This is the highest peak on the island of New Guinea, which, according to many, belongs to the mainland of Australia. The western part of the island is part of Indonesia and is officially called Irian Jaya. The expedition to Carstensz is one of our emblematic routes. The Indonesians came up with a new name for this peak, Puncak Jaya Puncak Jaya (Victory Peak). Traditionally, it is named after the Dutch navigator Jan Carstensz. He was the first to report the existence of snow-capped mountains in this equatorial region. His trip took place in 1623. And then no one in Europe believed his report. Due to the current warming, the glaciers in the summit area only have a maximum of 10 years left to live.

Highlights and hidden gems


Standing at 16,024′/4,884m, the Carstensz Pyramid is the tallest peak in Oceania. Rising out of the remote jungle of Papua New Guinea, it is often regarded as the most exotic of the 7 Summits. This steep limestone peak is the only Seven Summits that involves rock climbing, making it a unique experience for Seven Summiteers and adventure seekers alike.

Our journey to the summit of the tallest peak in Oceania starts in Bali. After arriving in Indonesia, we’ll spend the first day organizing gear and resting from the long day of travel. From Bali, we’ll take a flight to the city of Timika on the Island of Western Papua. After arriving in Timika, we’ll re-pack and make sure that we are all dialed in for the coming expedition.

Weather permitting, we’ll take a helicopter to the Carstensz base camp the following morning. Upon arriving in the Yellow Valley, we’ll put up base camp and settle in. This will also be the first of our two day acclimatization period as we prepare for our summit bid.

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Korobeshko Lyudmila


Executive Director: First Russian woman to complete 7 Summits.
Third Russian woman to climb Everest.
Mountain guide. Director of 7 Summits Club.
Organizes expedition professionally for over 10 years.
Made over 100 ascents in different countries.
For the year 2016 – 3 Everest Summits

Abramov Alexander


President of the 7 Summits Club: Master of Sports of the USSR in Mountaineering, Climbing instructor and mountain guide, mountain cameraman. 9th times Everest Summiter, 2 times Seven Summits and 1 – Seven Volcanoes.
Chairman of Trainers’ Council of Moscow Climbing Federation. Chairman of Moscow Ice-Climbing Committee.

Goryacheva Daria


Manager. Sales Manager. She is our front office sales manager to assist all of our customers from our company 7 Summits Club.

Indonesia: Oceania expedition to Mount Carstensz Pyramid (4884 m), a trip with a Russian Mountain Guide 7 Summits Club Collection

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Trip overview:

Timika – Yellow Valley – Carstensz Peak – Yellow Valley – Timika

Why go there?
We now offer to fly to Carstensz Pyramid BC by helicopter!
Carstensz Pyramid (sometimes called Puncak Jaya) is a mountain in the Sudirman Range, the western part of the
central highlands of Papua province, Indonesia. With an of altitude 4,884 metres above sea level, Carstensz
Pyramid is the highest mountain in Indonesia, the highest on the island of New Guinea, the highest of Oceania
Carstens Pyramid is probably technically the most difficult climb of all “7 Summits”. However, it is perfectly doable
for real mountain climbers with at least basic rock climbing skills. The standard route is nearly straight up through
the north face and then continues along the summit ridge, which is all hard rock surface.
The sharp limestone rocks offer pleasant climbing at nearly 4900m/16k feet altitude near the equator! The most
difficult places are equipped with fixed ropes and the largest ‘gap’ in the summit ridge is crossed using the famous
Tyrolean Traverse.
Despite the nearby large goldmine, the area is highly inaccessible to climbers and the general public, requiring a
helicopter flight to Basecamp or alternatively (when it is safe) a 100-km hike, which usually takes about four or five
days each way.
The island also offers a rare opportunity to visit the Stone Age, as the traditional way of life for most inhabitants of
the island hasn’t changed much over the past millennia.

Difficulty Condition

Travel Program



Arrival to Australia.

1 hour aprox.

1 hour aprox




3 hours aprox.

3 hours aprox

1 hour approx. Tour by helicopter.




4 hours aprox.

5 hours aprox



5 hours aprox



4 hours aprox.

5 hours aprox

Go by plane.



3 hours aprox.

5 hours aprox




1 hour aprox.

1 hour aprox

Go back home by plane.


Included meals: B=breakfast; L=lunch; D=dinner

Contact: More information about the expedition.

Luda Korobeshko 7 Summits Club managers

Manager-guide of 7 Summits Club for Norh America


7 Summits Club Ltd.

B. Sampsonievskiy Av.#45,
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

+7 903 6789843 Olga Rumyantseva
+7 921 185 25 28 Luba
+7 916 390 88 96 Alex
+7 916 390 88 51 Luda
+977 98 412 387 42 Mingma

What's Included

Services included in the prices:

  • Return flight Timika-Yellow valley
  • A guide from 7 Summits club
  • Hotel accommodation (double rooms) – 2 nights in Timika
  • Meals: Full Board on the mountain. Breakfasts only in
  • Timika
  • All necessary permits
  • Cook
  • Transportation of your personal equipment by Helicopter (weight allowance: 17 kg per person)
  • Environmental tax
  • Camping equipment for BC, including tables and chairs
  • All group transfers
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Special Carstensz Pyramid T-shirts and jackets with 7
  • Summits Club logo

Not included:

  • International flights to Indonesia and local flights to Timika
  • Lunches and dinners in Timika
  • Indonesian visa
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal equipment
  • Expenses caused by your premature leaving of the expedition, for whatever reason
  • Expenses caused by flight delays and cancellations

What to Bring

What to Bring or take fo Day Hiking and Technical Equipment for Climbing Expedition

This equipment list is compiled to provide you with adequate help when choosing your equipment for a climb. Most items are required. Please consider each of them and make sure you understand the function and exclusive use for mountaineering, before substituting or removing items from this list. Please note that this list has been carefully annotated by the organizer. Remember that mountaineering, climbing or mountain expeditions tours is an extreme, risky sport, therefore everything related to it is of great attention.

Hiking backpack for hiking 50 to 60 liters

Light gloves for hiking or (Optional Mittens waterproof)

Medium weight socks

Sleeping bag (-15º to 20ºC)

Small daypack for one day hiking 30 liters

Weather-appropriate clothing (think moisture-wicking and layers)

Hiking boots or shoes

Medium weight parka with fibber fill or down

Rain poncho (or rain gear)

Long-sleeved shirts

Fleece or Wool sweater and/or trousers

Lightweight pants

Cotton short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts

Water bottle for hiking or trekking

Strong waterproof duffel bag

Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb

Towel for personal hygiene each participantFirst-aid kit

Regular and long underwear

Knife or multi-tool

Light cap and wool hat

Sunglasses with UV certification, Sun block, lips

The rest of the list Essentials as appropriate for your hike

Grooming and personal hygiene kit

One Hiking Buff per person

3 Locking carabiners, we recommended per person

We recommend 2 ice screws for each client

1 Daisy Chain (Life Line) per each person

2 Ice axes (per person) technical, we recommended GRIVEL company

1 ATC descender (Rappel), this is very necessary for technical mountains

2 Cords for prusik, very important (Size Cord 6 mm x 10 m. long)

Gloves(Good gloves) for expeditions over 6000meters

Harness for climbing

Sleeping pad / Mattress, we recommend with air or inflatable mattress

Crampons, we recommended GRIVEL company

Walking sticks – Trekking Poles (optional), a pair per person, we recommended GRIVEL company

Down Jacket for expedition

Very important to have personal clothing such as pants and jacket with GOROTEX certification

First aid kit, for high mountains, because we as guides cannot medicate clients

Backpack Capacity 60 liters, it is better to have a bigger backpack to go comfortably to the high camps, because here you have to carry all your personal things

Gaiters or Leggings, now modern boots already have built-in (Incorporated), but better to have an extra pair

Dressing appropriately for the mountains can make the difference between a pleasant trip and a really uncomfortable one. Clothing must provide the right degree of temperature, perspiration and be well ventilated. Preferably cotton clothing should be avoided, as in humid conditions they absorb body heat.

In general, the weather conditions in in the Andes of South America can vary from day to day and even throughout the day. Therefore, clothing must be versatile.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the necessary equipment.

Prices & Dates




08 MAY 2024 / 14 MAY 2024

$ 18,940


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04 SET 2024 / 10 SET 2024

$ 18,940


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01 NOV 2024 / 07 NOV 2024

$ 18,940


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04 SEP 2025 / 10 SEP 2025

$ 18,940


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Please note: Insurance for emergency evacuation is required for this trip. Call for more details.

» Additional dates available upon request
» Rates may vary from July 26th to 31th for the national holidays

Prices (per person):

— USD— USD— USD18,940 USD18,940 USD18,940 USD18,940 USD18,940 USD

Deposit for reservations: * 5.000,00 USD (304.274 Rubles) ✓ Full payment 90 days before No refund if you cancel less than 90 days!
Places: 🟢 *Available
Trip-code: Number
Duration: 07 days
Participants: Minimal: 6 Maximal: 15
Country / Location: Indonesia (Papua) – Australia
Mountain Guide:Olga Rumyantseva and Alexande Abramov 7 Summits Club managerS
Other dates / additional info: Contact us!

3% early bird discount when booking 6 months prior to departure 2024

Legend Booking-information:
EZZ Single room supplement
🟢 On this trip, places are still available.
🟡 On this trip, only a few places left.
🔴 This trip is sold out / closed.

Korobeshko Ludmila

  • Executive Director.
  • The first Russian woman to complete the 7 Summits Project.
  • Visited the North and South Poles.
  • The third Russian woman to climb Everest
  • World record in the speed of climbing 7 Peaks among women
  • Mountain guide. Director of the 7 Summits Club.
  • He has been climbing and organizing expeditions for 20 years.
  • The last 15 years – professionally.
  • He has about 100 ascents of varying degrees of difficulty in various countries of the world.
  • In 2016, she climbed the summit of Everest three times. Leader of successful expeditions to Cho Oyu (8201) and Manaslu (8163)

Abramov Alexander

  • President of the 7 Summits Club.
  • Master of Sports of the USSR in mountaineering, 54 years old, professional mountaineer. Mountaineering instructor, mountain guide, high-altitude cameraman. Active member of the Russian Geographical Society.
  • Initiator and leader of several well-known projects, such as: “7 Peaks”, “Land Rover on Elbrus”.
  • He has been climbing and organizing expeditions and competitions for 28 years.
  • The last 25 years – professionally.
  • Has made more than 150 ascents of varying difficulty in dozens of countries.
  • Organizer and participant of 11 Himalayan expeditions.
Good advice

If you want to take part in our expedition, please send us an e-mail with:

1. your brief mountaineering resume covering the last10 years
2. your digital photo
3. questions

If your decision to take part is firm, send us the following information:

1. confirmation (free form)
2. date of birth
3. Citizenship
4. passport number, its date of issue and expiration
5. phone number

By air and by land

  • Helicopter flight from Timiki to Base Camp
  • All transfers according to the program


4 star hotel in Timika

In the base camp tents (2 people) for accommodation and a dining tent


  • Timike – hotel with breakfast
  • The cost of the program includes 3 meals a day on the entire travel route starting from the Basic Carstens camps


  • Russian Guide from 7 Summits Club
  • Local Indonesian guides (1 for 3-4 participants)
  • chef at BL Carstensz


  • The weather in the mountain area is usually very rainy and daytime temperatures can drop to 0 degrees.
  • High chance of snow and rain.

Personal gear

  • Rucksack 40-50 liters
  • Closed-cell foam pad
  • Sleeping bag (good for -5° -15°C)
  • Harness
  • 5-6 meters of 6-8mm rope for Prussik knots
  • Jumar (ascender)
  • Rappel device
  • Helmet
  • Poncho against rain
  • Telescopic ski poles
  • Mountaineering boots
  • Waterproof/breathable jacket with hood
  • (Gore Tex is strongly recommended)
  • Waterproof/breathable long pants with a bib (full length
  • side zips allow easy handling)
  • Down or fiber filled jacket with hood. Should be large enough to put on over your fleece jacket
  • Fleece/pile jacket
  • Fleece pants
  • Light trekking pants
  • Shorts
  • Liner socks – 2-3 pairs
  • Thick woolen or poly socks – 3 pairs
  • Long-sleeved shirts – 2
  • Sandals
  • Cap with large peak against sun
  • Wool or fleece hat
  • Training shoes
  • Gloves
  • UV glasses
  • Head torch
  • Thermos
  • Lip balm (spf 25+) and glacier cream (spf 40)
  • Personal first aid kit
Hans Honold | Certified Mountain and Ski Guide

For a trip with a Professional Certified Mountain Guide from abroad with your own language that you speak, please request us to get in touch. We have guides working for our company from all over the world who are members of IVBV/UIAGM/IFMGA Certified Guides.

It is very important to have accident coverage for trekking and climbing mountains, more if you go a technical mountains over 6 thousand meters, we oblige and recommend buying travel insurance with our partner Global Rescue, you get the peace of mind that the finest medical, security evacuation, field rescue, intelligence and telehealth.


Frequently Asked Questions

What our travelers or clients always ask questions before joining our trips, tours & expeditions, read all the information provided here.

Suggested FAQs

Every day we have active walks around approximately 4, to 5 sometimes 6 hours of walking, everything is according to your pace and physical condition of each person, in each of our travel programs you will find more detailed information, and if If you need more information about each day of the travel program, we can schedule a call via WhatsApp to clarify your doubts or questions, for this please contact us. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

For our mountain climbing trips: If they are easily accessible mountains: For easy-climb mountains, well, you don’t need much experience, but if you already want to climb mountains above 6,000 meters and the conditions become more difficult, we recommend if you already want to go through mountains above 6,000 meters, have a basic or intermediate course for a good preparation. It is very important to be physically, technically and psychologically prepared.

Regarding the preparation of children: Everything will depend on which mountain you want to climb with your children, once you are clear on which of our tours or mountains you want to go with your children, we can give you some advice or see how to prepare them before going with they.

Regarding older people: It all depends on the condition of experience and how well the person is in health, on many occasions older people are the best to walk in the mountains because they have more experience, so it is always good to ask and find out about their experience of older participant. If you have any other questions, please contact us. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

To do long-distance hiking you need to at least train or do some tours such as visiting lagoons to get the experience and feel comfortable with what you do, it is always good before doing a long-distance hiking tour to test yourself so as not to be with the problems of altitude sickness during the trekking, and if you travel with children it is good to first train them before taking them, if they are accompanied by an adult of legal age, they must do a good acclimatization before going on the long-distance tour or with high altitude camps If you want to know or learn more advice, we can schedule a call via WhatsApp to clarify your doubts. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

The preparation is according to what type and what technical level you want to go and climb a trek or mountain, the preparation will always gain experience little by little.

For this type of demanding or technical climbing sports, it is recommended to do some summits above 5 thousand meters beforehand and have good knowledge of high mountain technical equipment such as the use of technical ice axes, ice screws, correct use of crampons, and of course all the technical material. For more information, we can schedule an appointment to be able to explain in more detail everything about the mountain equipment and the preparations prior to joining our outings. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

For the pick-ups of each trip, depending on the place or the trip that you are going to make with us, the meeting point is always at our office, in one of our trips we pick you up where you are staying or staying, or in some cases a A representative of our company will pick you up and then ship you to your transport to continue with your destination of the tour or trip you have booked with us. If you wish to request more information, do not hesitate to contact us. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

In all our trekking or mountaineering trips we do not include personal equipment in our prices, so you have to have your own equipment: Personal equipment (such as boots, ice ax, crampons, harness, sleeping bag, mat, Goretex, etc. ) and also within each page of the trips that we sell is a small list so you can see it on our website.

Our company can also rent the materials that you would need for your trip, see the list here on our website: https://peru-expeditions.org/equipment-rental/ . For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

In our trips, either hiking or mountaineering: Depending on the type or destination of the trip that you are going to book, in some parts of the treks you go with mules or donkeys or sometimes with horses, and within the mountain trips, the approach camps are also They go with mules or donkeys, but there are some stretches where pack animals can no longer reach. In this part, our logistics is fully supported by the porters.

Who are the porters? They are people from the area who were born and live in the heights of the towns, they are very strong and are very acclimatized, the reason is that after the tourist season ends they dedicate themselves to agriculture and livestock for that reason they are people They are used to the altitude and have lived in nature all their lives and they are happy to be in the mountains together with our expeditions. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

About accommodation or meals during the tour: Well, depending on the type of tour, when the tour is a classic cultural tour or a city tour, we eat during the route in tourist restaurants and sleep in category hotels that the client has requested.

If the tour is with camps and trekking: During the activity, logistics we include the service of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with traditional and typical meals of the region where you are going to travel with us, during the night we stay in tents, and we have a special tent for the kitchen and another for the dining room.

If the trip is at altitude or in the mountains: We bring special high mountain food, It are quicker meals to cook and we provide complete logistics such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and we sleep in special 4-season high mountain tents, with the best tents. If you have any questions or concerns, we can schedule an appointment via Whatsapp to clarify all your doubts and give you better information so that your trip is an unforgettable tour.

Safe and effective vaccines are available that provide strong protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19. Billions of people have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Getting vaccinated is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself against COVID-19, help end the pandemic and stop new variants emerging.

We also recommend having accident insurance, we always recommend. We are Partners –Global Rescue. If you have any other questions about the trip we can schedule a date for a calling via WhatsApp. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

For all the trips that we offer within our main tourist destinations such as South America and Central America, also including the ascent of the 7 continents and the 7 highest peaks of each continent, on each page of our website for each trip we indicate that month or what season to travel, then please read the information you find in our travel offers for each tour. If you have any other questions you can contact us by WhatsApp with one of our travel experts. Thank you so much. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

In mountains above 5000 meters: A local guide takes a maximum of 3 clients = Ratio 3pax = 1 local guide

In technical mountains: In large-big mountains we manage the travel policy, a guide and a maximum of 2 clients = Ratio 3pax = 1 local guide. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

For all the trips that we offer within our main tourist destinations such as South America and Central America, also including the ascent of the 7 continents and the 7 highest peaks of each continent, on each page of our website for each trip we indicate that month or what season to travel, then please read the information you find in our travel offers for each tour. If you have any other questions you can contact us by WhatsApp with one of our travel experts. Thank you so much. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

We as a local company and connoisseurs of tours have departures on different dates. The best thing to do is to join a travel group to take care of your budget, and of course you can join our groups, but on trips like mountaineering we recommend going in small groups. To join a group, ask us for the dates and we will send you the necessary information to be able to join any of our trips.

Why go in a private trip: For trips whether trekking or high mountains, going privately is the most recommended option, but the costs are more expensive. So, if one joins a group, the prices will be more reasonable. In the mountains, the only disadvantage is if you are in a wall with another partner and if one of the participants gets tired or gets sick. In this case, you have to abort or cancel the summit and return together. For more information, contact us. We can schedule a call via WhatsApp to clarify all your questions.

In a mountain, for example, if 3 people go and one of the participants falls ill on the route, for security reasons they have to cancel or abort the summit or return all together. The same in a technical mountain if the climbing partner gets sick they all have to return, for these reasons sometimes it is better to go private only because for a single person the costs are more expensive for the same reason that the trip would already be private .

For more information please contact us. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

About the meteorological conditions of the climate, we try to organize the trips of each tour in the best season to have the best views and enjoy the selected trip but sometimes even is good season we can have bad weather, in this case on hiking or treks trips The complications are minimal, but when this happens during high-altitude climbing expeditions, the complications can become very difficult, that is why the bosses or leaders of the local guides must always make the most correct decision for the safety of our passengers, so we always recommend listening to the best advice from the local guide assigned for each tour. If you have any other questions please contact us. For calls or inquiries to this number: +51 943 081 066

Additional information

We help in the purchase of air tickets: we set up convenient flight options with each participant of the trip and book tickets such as international flights and domestic flights in each destination city of the countries that we offer our trips. We recommend you booking international flights tickets well in advance so we can find current flights offer prices from the airlines. In order for us to search for and book your flight, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!. → More information click here
About a Satellite Phone or inReach® Messenger - GARMIN: On each trip we recommend having a satellite phone at your disposal. The possibility of quick contact from anywhere on the mountain will guarantee your safety on the road. In case of need (for example, contact with the family or the travel company), for this service the participants have to request to rent a satellite phone, of course this service has an additional cost, contact us or ask our office for more information. A practical device is to have an inReach® Messenger - GARMIN also helps for any emergency. → More information click here
Many of the participants or clients of our adventures, hikes and expeditions in the mountains are people who sign up alone, but in some of our trips you will be able to find a travel partner companion to join a group. We have many options for you from day tours, short treks, long duration tours, and even the most extreme climbing high mountains on each country or South American continent and other destinations, as like the destinations you can see on our website. The mountains are a great place for rapid integration and a very healthy sport. → More information click here
Our mountain guides or tour leaders: All of our Tour Leaders are multiple conquerors of the peaks they lead the expeditions to. Each of our cultural guides, high mountain guides, mountainbike guides, among others are internationally recognized and certified guides, such as the certifications of (UIMLA) Union of International Mountain Leader Associations & (IFMGA) International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations. The mountaineering experience, skills and knowledge of your guides are a priority for us. → More information click here


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