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Our organized tours, with or without a guide, are a varied and complete offering: the excursion to Machu Picchu is the focal point (a must), whilst the Camino Inca and the excursions in the Amazon forest are exotic and mysterious.

Our organized tours will enable you to discover this intriguing country and admire the amazing views with an unspoilt nature, such as the Colca Canyon and the wonderful Ballestas Islands. The architectural treasures found in the cities of Lima, Cusco and Arequipa are impressive. You will marvel at the beauty of these unique sites such as Lake Titicaca and the enigmatic Nazca Lines.

Peru is a country to be savoured in all its subtle differences and thanks to our organised tours you will be able to discover the true soul of this ancient land. The focal point will be the discovery of one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu!


If you wish to organize a trip to Peru suited to your needs and tastes, you will appreciate a personalised tour offering intriguing routes to admire places you have always dreamt of. Thanks to our Customized Tours you will be able to choose different destinations: visit Lake Titicaca to discover the islands and the customs of the indigenous populations, an excursion to admire the mysterious Nazca Lines or a tour to discover the Amazon fauna or that of the Ballestas Islands. You can also chose a trekking tour along the Camino Inca towards Machu Picchu, a tour into the Amazon Forest or the Salkantay or Colca Canyon trekking.

Depending on the destination or the activity that you wish to choose, please fill in the relevant part of the form listing your preferences (culture, art, photography, fauna…), available budget, your level of fitness, cities or places you would like to visit, and we will be able to organise a tailor-made trip in Peru.


The Peruvian Amazon Forest has recently been awarded the status of One of the Seven Natural Wonders in the World. Our tours in the Peruvian Amazon Forest offer excursions to the Manu National Park as well as the Tambopata and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Parks. These parks are situated in the Madre de Dios region, between the Madre de Dios and Tambopata rivers, in Southern Peru. In the three national parks temperatures are much lower than in Northern Peru which results in very few insects and mosquitos. The World Health Organization has declared the Peruvian Amazon Forest a malaria free area. On request, we can also offer excursions to the cities of Iquitos and the Pacaya Samiria Park.

Tours in the Manu National Park

Tours in the Manu National Park are breath-taking! Deep in the Amazon Forest, an area that according to scientists has the greatest biodiversity in the world, these tours last 3, 5 or 7 days and expeditions are 9 days-long. Apart from group tours, we also offer private excursions.

All our tours will allow you discover a very rich vegetation and totally unique bird watching. If you are interested in animal watching, we offer expeditions that go as far as the Manu River. These tours are the most complete offering for those who wish to discover the Manu National Park and exploit its full potential. All Manu tours can be reached by road with different stops along the way. In terms of comfort, Manu tours foresee staying in frugal but clean eco-lodges with mosquito nets that fully cover beds. This is the most adventurous experience far from built-up areas.

Tours to the Tambopata National Park

Situated near the city of Puerto Maldonado, the Tambopata National Park is accessible by plane and offers more favourable living conditions compared to the Manu National Park. Several airlines offer daily flights out of Cusco and Lima to Puerto Maldonado. For those who have little time available, the Tambopata Park Tour is the best option.

Our Tambopata National Park Tour offers excursions ranging from 2 to 5 days. The superb Macaw Clay Licks at dawn, the forest trails to discover extraordinary flora, the howling monkeys or a night excursion in search of caimans are part of the unique experience we offer with our tours to the Tambopata National Park in greater comfort compared to the Manu National Park tours. It is also possible to choose luxury options in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon Forest.


Land of Lost Cities, ancient legends, archaeological sites all over the Andes, snow-capped mountains and glaciers above 6,000 meters (19,685 feet); Peru truly has everything it takes to be the land of trekking with unique and staggering trails! Trekking lovers cannot miss Peru: the combination of incredible trekking paths and the beauty of the lost Inca ruins add a special touch that makes them famous all over the world.

When it comes to trekking we Peru has three main areas: Cusco and the Sacred Valley where most of the Inca ruins are to be found, Arequipa with the deepest canyons in the world and Huaraz in northern Peru.

Cusco & the Sacred Valley – Trekking trails around Cusco & the Sacred Valley are among the most spectacular you can find in Peru. High peaks, volcanoes and archaeological ruins make them so well known.

Inca Trail – The most famous trek in Peru is certainly the Inca Trail. This is a legendary trek and please be aware that you need to book at least 4 months in advance to secure your permit (only 500 hundred per day are issued via agencies).

Salkantay Trek – Touching the highest point at Abra Salkantay (4.740 metres – 15.551 feet) near the imposing Salkantay glacier, the Salkantay trek is the best alternative to the Inca Trail that leads to Machu Picchu. In 2007 the Salkantay Trek was described as the Cool Way to Machu Picchu by the National Geographic and does not require a permit .

Lares Trek – This is a cultural trek which does not follow a specific path but a number of different routes leading to Ollantaytambo, where you will catch a train to Aguas Calientes. The Lares Trek passes near various Andean villages, archaeological Inca ruins, hot springs, lakes, rivers but also high mountain over 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) high.

Ausangate Trek – The Ausangate glacier was venerated by the Incas and solemn Quechua rituals where held here. This is a trail for professional trekkers or for very fit people as it will last 6 to 9 days.

Choquequirau – Well known as the new Machu Picchu, this incredible Inca citadel can be reached in 4 to 5 days.

Arequipa & the Colca Canyon – Near the city of Arequipa there are the deepest canyons in the world: the Colca and Cotahuasi Canyons. The Colca Canyon Trek is a great alternative to the trails around Cusco during the rainy season and offers trekkers exceptional routes amongst rural villages and hot springs during 3 or 4 days. We also offer horse-riding excursions in the Colca Valley and up the Colca Canyon over several days. We suggest you do the Colca Trek privately.

Huaraz – The most challenging treks in Peru depart from the city of Huaraz: the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Huayhuash are both stunning and appealing to expert mountaineers. The highest peak in the region is Huascarán with 6,768 meters (22,204 feet). The most popular trek in the region is the 4 days trek from Llanganuco to Santa Cruz.


Our organized tours to Peru offer peace of mind as we can plan your trip to visit some of the best sites and off-the-beaten-path destinations. The quality tours organized by the expert team and guides at Perú InsideOut will lead you to amazing places such as Machu Picchu, the Ballestas Islands, the Colca Canyon, Chan Chan, the Amazon Jungle, the Nazca Lines, and Lake Titicaca. Enjoy stress-free organized tours including city tours of Lima, Cusco and Arequipa, courtesy of our knowledgeable staff, and take in the beauty and breath-taking views on all our trips in Peru.

Peru Classic Tour

Peru Classic Tour – 15 Days – 14 Nights
There’s no better organized tour of Peru than the Peru Classic Tour. It is aimed to help travelers discover the heart and soul of Peru, while visiting many of the country’s cultural jewels: Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Nazca Lines. The tour does more than that, though. It also reveals the splendors of the upper Atacama Desert in Ica, the starkly beautiful lagoon in the Huacachina Oasis, the breathtaking Colca Canyon, as well as the city of Arequipa with its colonial roots. We also explore the more hidden sides of modern-day life as it’s lived in contemporary Lima. The city may be modern, but it has a distinctive colonial style, too, and is home to Museo Larco and its many ancient Peruvian treasures. We take one large step back in time, also, and visit Amantani, Taquile, and the Uros islands of Lake Titicaca – to see if ancient traditions can co-exist with modern-day life… and if so, how!

Peru Tour without Altitude

Peru Tour without Altitude
Peru Tour Without Altitude is the latest of our tours designed for those interested in visiting our magnificent country without facing altitudes above 3,000 meters. It starts from Lima towards the Dakar Rally with several destinations: Paracas and its magnificent Paracas National Reserve and the Peruvian Galapagos, the Ballestas Islands. You will discover the famous Nazca lines desert. Later, you will visit the White City with its refined historic centre and the culture of a typical Arequipa’s restaurant «Picanteria». The journey continues with a flight to Cusco and transfer to the Sacred Valley, climbing gradually so not to suffer from altitude sickness. The tour ends with a visit to the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and the Imperial City of Cusco. Peru is accessible to all travellers, thanks to our Peru Tour Without Altitude!

Amazing Peru Tour

Amazing Peru Tour – 21 Days – 20 Nights
Looking to experience the wonders and unbridled nature of Peru, as well as the many mysteries the country keeps somewhat hidden? The Amazing Peru Tour enables you to do this and more. This organized tour in Peru will amaze and delight you with the world-class Museo Larco Herrera in Lima (with archeological treasures from across Peru), enigmatic geoglyphs in the arid Nazca desert, and the distinctly colonial architecture of Arequipa. Also revealed are how the Inca managed to be so “ahead of their time” and build sites of incredible architectural ingenuity in Saqsayhuaman, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Huayna Picchu, and (obviously) Machu Picchu. Your tour of Machu Picchu is guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience – a testament to the fact that it is, indeed, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Peru Cultural Tour

Peru Cultural Tour – 12 Days – 11 Nights
Come with us and spend 12 days going back and forth in time from the ancient Wari culture (pre-Inca) to the magnificent Inca culture, through the Spanish colonial times and the modern era as we explore the rich cultural history of Peru. From Lima and Arequipa, where the old and the new coexist side by side, to the cultural heart of Peru in Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the everlasting natural beauty of the Colca Canyon where you will experience the many facets of Cultural Peru!

Andean Treasures Tour

Andean Treasures Tour
Our Andean Treasures Tour is a fascinating journey through the Peruvian Andes between breath-taking views and visits to Andean communities with excursions to the Rainbow Mountain, the Plateau of Puno to Cusco, the unmissable Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Reserve of Aguada Blanca close Colca Canyon. It also includes a visit to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and the Peruvian capital, Lima, «The City of Kings». A quick journey that ensures comfort, an adventure in the famous Ruta del Sur Andino peruano that will not disappoint you.

Peru Express Tour

Peru Express – 11 Days – 10 Nights
Peru Express, an organized tour, was developed for those world travelers who want to experience not only the essence of this Andean country but who also seek to unravel and understand the many mysteries of Inca culture. We begin in the city of Arequipa, steeped in colonial history, sporting an architecture rendered in a whitish-coloured volcanic stone, and home to a lovely Plaza de Armas and two incredible, nearby volcanoes: Misti and Chachani. Beyond Arequipa, the tour continues with a visit to one of the world’s deepest canyons, the Colca Canyon. Here, in good numbers, Andean condors soar up and down the canyon, hugging the rim and giving us magnificent views and photos. Lake Titicaca is also on our agenda; we cruise the amazing, crystalline waters of the world’s highest (navigable) lake. We visit both Taquile and Uros Islands, two unusual spots on earth where very, very old traditions are embraced alongside everyday modern life. Between Lake Titicaca and Cusco, we follow (symbolically) the path taken by Manco Capac, the founder of Cusco. The absolute center of Inca culture, Cusco is the historical middle ground between Spanish and Inca culture. In describing the beauty and tranquility of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, amazing is perhaps an understatement; here, we find the fortresses of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo. They are perhaps the best surviving works of architecture in the time before conquistadores arrived. Finally, we enter Machu Picchu. Here, in person, feeling the sun and breathing the air, it is easy to sense the legends surrounding Inca culture – for this is, in fact, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World!

Peru Uncovered Tour

Peru Uncovered – 13 Days – 12 Nights
Uncover the best of what Northern Peru has to offer with our specialty organized tour. From coffee to cacao; pyramids to pre-Hispanic ruins, this popular organized tour from Perú InsideOut showcases it all. Immerse yourself in history as you visit important archeological wonders such as Chan Chan, the Tucume and Kuelap pyramids. Learn about the burial rituals of the ancient Peruvian cultures by touring the tombs of Karajia, the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan and Huaca de la Luna. See the natural wonders of Gocta Falls, Ahuashiyacu Waterfall and Laguna Azul. Relax by taking a boat ride on the Huallaga River, sampling fresh chocolate and tasting delicious Peruvian cuisine ranging from the traditional to the cosmopolitan. This is indeed Peru at its best – diverse and inspirational.

Peru Luxury Tour

The 10-day Peru Luxury tour is one of the best ways to glimpse the magic and beauty of Peru. Including a visit to Machu Picchu and a trip to the spectacular Sacred Valley, this luxurious organized Peruvian tour allows you to stay in some of the most formative hotels in the world including the Casa Andina Private Collection Lima, the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, the Tambo del Inka Luxury Collection Resort & Spa by Libertador and the Libertador Palacio del Inka Hotel. It is a great way to make the most of your stay and rest between sightseeing excursions. Fly over the world-renowned Nazca lines, enjoy a private tour of the Paracas National Reserve to see the sea lions and penguins, board the train to Machu Picchu Puebla and visit the sacred Inca ruins housed in the ancient capital, Cusco. Of course, no tour of Peru is complete without a stay in the cosmopolitan capital, Lima where you can explore the historic sites, sample the food, visit the museums and see the modern suburbs such as Miraflores and San Isidro. Witness how Peru balances the old ways with the new, and come away with a renewed respect for the country and an appreciation for all that this amazing South American country offers.

Lima Cusco Tour

Lima-Cusco Tour 8 days – 7 nights
The Lima-Cusco Tour is a private organized tour which captures the essence of the Inca world as well as its fascinating capital, Cusco. First off, though, we make a brief stop in Lima to sample the local cuisine, visit the exclusive Museo de Oro, and the archaeological site of Pachacamac. Further on, we encounter the beauty of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where the Pisaq and Ollantaytambo fortresses stand and act as wonderful examples of the architecture at that time, before the arrival of Spanish conquistadores. Later, we tour the Maras salt mines and the agricultural centre in Moray in our quest to uncover and understand the mysteries of this lost yet well-refined civilization. Later, in an off-the-beaten-path side trip, we visit the Incan Wiracocha Temple, the rather sophisticated irrigation system built by the Inca in Tipon; Pikillaqta, perhaps the most important cultural centre of the Wari civilization; and lastly, the distinctive beauty of the Andahuaylillas church. Finally, Machu Picchu welcomes us with its larger-than-life presence – and we are free to re-live the legend of the Inca, and to wander through and experience one of the new Seven Wonders of the World!

Peru Bolivia Andean Tour

Peru-Bolivia Andean Tour reveals the essential culture of two distinct, extraordinary Andean countries: Peru and Bolivia. The ogranized tour allows us to see their shared cultural background, and showcases the stunning beauty of both countries. We experience the sheer, breathtaking high altitudes of the Andes; witness modern-day coca culture, which is alive and well in the Altiplano and Sacred Valley; and take a small step back in time, and into the deeply ethnic and ancient communities still living and thriving on the islands of Lake Titicaca. The absolute immensity of the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and the unrivaled depth of the Colca Canyon in Peru are astonishing. Too, we explore the lost world of the Incas in ancient Cusco and world-famous Machu Picchu. There is inspiration to be found in the deep resilience of the Aymara culture and in the enigmatic Nazca Lines; beauty to be admired in the colonial-based architecture of Arequipa, Sucre, and Potosi; and nature at its finest to be experienced in Ballestas Islands marine life. Finally, we discover and experience two world-famous capitals: La Paz and Lima. There is so much to do; let’s go. Let’s visit Peru and Bolivia!

Lima La Paz Cusco Tour

The three city tour of Lima, La Paz, and Cusco covers the best sites these destinations have to offer and much more. Both Peru and Bolivia are an unforgettable travel destination and this 12-day organized tour provides you with an opportunity to experience the highlights of the two South American countries. From the beautiful ‘white city’ of Arequipa which was named a World Heritage site by UNESCO to a trip to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, this fabulous and well-rounded tour will provide many unforgettable moments. Including a trip to the historic center of Lima, a tour of the Tiwanaku ruins and an amazing excursion to the 15th Century Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, this Peruvian and Bolivian tour is full of culture and beauty whichever way you turn. Enjoy small intimate tours of the villages, visit the haunting monastery of Santa Catalina, spy the condors flying over the valleys and canyons, and embrace the beauty of the Andes mountain range as you travel across the majestic landscape. The Lima- La Paz- Cusco tour will definitely whet your travel appetite and have you wanting to return to these spectacular countries, again and again.

Uyuni Salt Flats & Machu Picchu Tour

Our Uyuni Salt Flats & Machu Picchu organized Tour will take you on an unforgettable adventure spanning 15 days and 14 nights in Peru and Bolivia visiting some of the most spectacular sites in the world. From Lima to La Paz – the Uyuni Salt Flats to Machu Picchu – this two-week South American tour will showcase the splendor of these two nations. Experience the culture, visit with the locals and delight in the natural beauty while you tour the best of these breathtaking destinations.

Machu Picchu Classic Tour

The Machu Picchu Classic Tour, courtesy of Perú InsideOut, makes travel in Peru as simple as can be. This 13-day organized tour allows you to visit the stunning cities of Lima, Arequipa and Cusco and sample the rich culture and history that is in abundance everywhere. With a side trip to the Ballestas Islands, known as the Peruvian Galapagos, and a visit to the Condor’s Cross near the Colca Canyon, you will be able to appreciate the diversity of the flora and fauna of this beautiful South American country. Offering optional extras, such as climbing Huayna Picchu or up the Machu Picchu Mountain, or even a flight over the Nazca Lines, this Peruvian tour allows you to be as adventurous as you desire. It can also includes a visit to the Uros Floating Islands and a day trip to the Sacred Valley to experience the amazing Inca ruins. This Machu Picchu Classic Tour is simply spectacular.

The natural beauty of Peru makes it the ideal trekker’s paradise. There are just so many amazing treks that can be done in and around the Sacred Valley and the Andes Mountains that it can be hard to choose. While most people have heard of the famous Inca Trail, there are so many other worthwhile hikes that you may want to consider as well. The Salkantay Trek and Lares Trek are an alternative way to get to Machu Picchu if you wish to investigate other options apart from the Inca Trail. Whichever you choose, however, note that all give a fascinating glimpse into the ancient Inca cultures and will result in a majestic and magical tour of Machu Picchu. Then there is the Choquequirao Trek and Huchuy Qosqo Trek which will take you further into the Sacred Valley and allow you to explore this beautiful area in more depth. Colca Canyon Treks, of which there are a few, allow you to go through the world’s second deepest canyon and admire the soaring condors above. And let’s not forget the new kid on the block when it comes to treks, the Seven Colors Mountain Trek which will take you to Rainbow Mountain and Vinicunca.

Inca Trail Trek

Inca Trail Trek – 2 days / 1 night
Our 2 days / 1 night trek to the Inca Trail will allow you to know more about the routes traveled by the Incas in the past. There is no better way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the place and experience the beauty of Machu Picchu and this tour along the Inca Trail will also stop at the Wiñay Wayna ruins. This Tour is a magical experience for adventurers of all ages and from all over the world.

Salkantay Trek

Salkantay Trek – 4 days / 3 nights
Looking for an alternative to the infamous Inca Trail? The Salkantay Trek might be what you’re looking for. It was named one of the 25 best treks worldwide – by none other than National Geographic Magazine! The Salkantay is a glacier mountain, and in Quechua it translates to “Savage Mountain”.

Llahuar Trek

Llahuar Trek (Colca Canyon)
This unique and challenging 3-day trek, crossing the Colca Canyon, is ideal for those who love nature. The route from Canabaconde to the small village of Llahuar is an unforgettable 7 km hike in itself providing many dramatic descents. Meet the locals in Turuña, Paclla and Malata, then relax and enjoy the scenery at Apacheta Mirador before moving down to Sangalle to enjoy the natural restorative pools. Finally, embark on a 5 km hike that starts at 2,180 meters above sea level and climbs to Cabanaconde at 3,280 meters. This is a dream come true for trekkers!

Colca Canyon Trek – 3 Days – 2 Nights

Arequipa – ColcaCanyon – Arequipa
Day 1: a very early start. Following a 3:00 am pick-up from your hotel, we set off by bus (unless you require a private service) to Colca Canyon, the second-deepest canyon in the world. A three-hour bus ride takes us to Chivay, our first stop, where we enjoy breakfast. Chivay, 3,650 meters above sea level (12,000 feet), is the turnoff to the Cruz del Condor (Condor Cross). There, with a bit of luck, we watch majestic condors soar above the canyon for about an hour.

Lares Trek

Lares Trek – 4 days / 3 nights
To take the Lares Trek is to take a large step back in time. You are surrounded by farm life, largely unchanged for centuries. As we trek through the Sacred Valley, locals work the fields, tend flocks, and weave textiles – just as their ancestors have done for eons. Quaint villages with mud huts and thatched roofs dot the landscape, as well as breath-taking, snow-capped mountain peaks, blue lakes, and thermal baths. The Lares Trek provides you with equal amounts of nature and culture – and it all culminates in reaching Machu Picchu.

Huchuy Qosqo Trek

The Huchuy Qosqo Trek takes you off the beaten path to explore the beauty of the Sacred Valley in Peru and the ruins of Huchuy Qosko. With two options for your starting point, this trek makes for a great alternative to get to Machu Picchu and explore a hidden Inca treasure of the past.

Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao Trek – 4 days / 3 night
Our Choquequirao tour offers a unique opportunity to visit and explore the Inca complex known as the “golden cradle”. Like Machu Pichu, Choquequirao attracts tourists and adventurers from all over the world who are keen to discover the ancient cities of the Inca. Voted by Lonely Planet as the best place to visit in 2017, your 4D/3N Choquequirao Tour will take you through Apurimac Canyon and the Valley of Vilcabamba.

The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail – 4 Days – 3 Nights
This is a unique Peru trek: The once-in-a-lifetime experience!
“The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu”, perhaps the most famous trekking route in the world,was built by the Incas more than half a century ago! The trail starts in the Sacred Valley, crosses through multiple climate and vegetation zones, and finishes in the cloudy, near-mystical, forested region that we know as Machu Picchu.

Seven Colors Mountain Trek

Seven Colors Mountain Trek – 2 days / 1 night
If you are looking for a tour that provides you with an off the beaten path experience, then look no further than our Seven Colors Mountain Tour. Our 2D/1N itinerary allows you to enjoy the rich landscapes and clear skies of the Peruvian Highlands . This Peruvian countryside trek gives you the chance to admire the beauty of Rainbow Mountain or Seven Colors Mountain and the dramatic views of Ausangate, the sacred mountain.

Llanganuco – Santa Cruz Trek

Llanganuco – Santa Cruz Trek – 4 days / 3 nights
If you enjoy trekking, this picturesque 5-day Llanganuco to Santa Cruz Trek is for you. It rivals Peru’s most popular trek, the Inca Trail, and gives you the opportunity to admire the beauty of twelve surrounding mountain peaks. If you wish to get up close to the great outdoors and see the natural splendors this part of the world offers, then contact us today. The Llanganuco to Santa Cruz trek is one of our most popular in and around Huaraz.

The Peruvian Amazon Forest Tours offered in this part of the website will take you to the Tambopata and Manu National Parks. The excursions offered range from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 7 days. We can also organize private tours of the Manu National Park for a maximum of 7 days on request, whilst for the Tambopata Park we also offer daily trips in the surroundings of Puerto Maldonado and the Sandoval Lake.

Tambopata National Park

We offer 3 to 5 day tours in the Tambopata Park with the possibility of also entering the Bahuaja-Sonene Park to watch the beautiful Macaw Clay Licks and go as far as the banks of the Maliwonski River. We also organize 4 day tours for the younger and more adventurous public with overnight in eco-lodges. Finally, we can also offer luxury tours in conjunction with the Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion y Reserva Amazónica chain.

Manu National Park

Our Manu National Park tours in the Amazon Forest range from 3 to 5 days (also possible for 4 days) entail a visit to the Cultural Zone, whilst the 7 day tour will go as far as the Manu river within the Reserved Zone which is the best preserved part of the Amazon Forest. Apart from the above mentioned, we also offer private 7 day tours that go up to the Manu river Reserve.

Reserva Amazonica 4d/3n

Explore the national reserves in the Peruvian jungle and experience the contrast of the rainforest during the day and at night. This four day, three night adventure allows you to walk the treetops, take a canoe ride on Lake Sandoval, visit a local farm, tour Peru’s first butterfly farm, and much more. With a choice of different and amusing activities the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica trip offers an adventure like no other. The Reserva Amazonica is one of the 15 Top lodges in the Southern Peruvian Amazon.

Hacienda Concepcion – Tambopata – Peru Itinerary 4 Days/3 Nights

The Amazon Jungle is totally unmatched for its beauty and biodiversity. If you want to get up close to the flora and fauna of the Peruvian jungle and experience the animals in their natural habitat during the day and evening, then this spectacular once-in-a-lifetime tour is for you. You will have the chance to explore the waterways and jungle for four days and three nights while staying at the Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción, deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest near to Puerto Maldonado.

Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata National Park 3 Days

Looking to experience wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon? Look no further. In this particular tour, Amazonian wildlife – including a must-see trip to a Macaw Clay Lick – as well as a wide variety of birds, butterflys, and unique flora are at your fingertips. Native medicinal plants, as well!
Departure All Year Long

Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata National Park 4 Days

Sandoval Lake and Tambopata National Park are included in this tour, as well as Bahuaja-Sonene National Park where you experience firsthand the not-to-be-forgotten spectacle of a Macaw Clay Lick. Witness Peruvian Amazon wildlife up close, and immerse yourself in spectacular landscapes.
Departure All Year Long

Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata National Park 5 Days

In the heart of the Peruvian Amazon jungle, a unique rainforest experience awaits. Our tour combines the best of the Peruvian Amazon: beautiful Puerto Maldonado, with its ever-so-comfy lodges; enchanting Sandoval Lake; exceptional wildlife viewing in Tambopata National Park; as well as Bahuaja-Sonene National Park.
Departure All Year Long

Amazon Adventure Tour – Puerto Maldonado – 4 Days

Departure All Year Long

Manu Tour, 4 Days – Cultural Zone

Thanks to the Manu’s intact and untouched environment, the Manu National Park Tour will give you the opportunity to observe a wide variety of animals in their natural habitat: Giant Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis), Black Caiman (Melanosuchus niger), Majestic Jaguars (Panthera onca), strange Spectacled Bears (Tremarctos ornatus), Tapirs (Tapirus terrestris), Ocelots (Felis pardalis), 13 species of primates, and enjoying an estimated 1,000 (!) species of birds—including 7 species of Macaws.
Departure All Year Long

Manu Tour, 5 Days / Cultural Zone

Cloud Forest, Pantiacolla Mountain Range
With fixed departures on Wednesday
5 days – via Manu Road, by bus

Manu Tour, 7 Days / Reserved Zone

Cloud Forest, Lake Salvador, Lake Otorongo, and Macaw Lick
With fixed departures on Fridays
7 days -Manu Road, by bus, on the way in, and over the Interoceanica Road on the way out, by bus

Iquitos – Pacaya Samiria National Reserve – 4 Days Tour

Our Iquitos Tour/Pacaya Samiria Tour takes you off the beaten path to explore extreme biodiversity. It is particularly breathtaking and gives you the rare opportunity to spot a sloth and a pink dolphin or two. You also learn about medicinal plants and ayahuasca in this amazing 4-day Peruvian Amazon Tour.


Our customized tours to Peru are suitable for all travellers because they cater to your specific travel needs and tastes. Whether you are an adventure seeker and want to hike along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu followed by a trek to Colca Canyon, or prefer a more cultural and historical tour visiting the best museums in Lima, Cusco and Arequipa, just say the word. If you are short of time or prefer to tour Peru at a much slower pace, we can also assist. Personalized tours are our specialty, and we look forward to making your dream tour to Peru and other South American destinations become reality.

Imperial Cusco and Machu Picchu

Imperial Cusco and Machu Picchu – 4 Days – 3 Nights
Designed for those who may be short on time, but who nevertheless want to capture the essence of the Inca empire with visits to Cusco, the Sacred Valley in general, and the Lost City of the Inca. The tour begins with a traditional visit to Cusco and its surroundings. We take in two Inca fortresses, those of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo, as well as the ever-mystical Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu. The tour isn’t strictly traditional, though. We visit the fascinating and photogenic agronomical laboratory of the Incas in Moray, as well as the Inca Salinas in Maras. Also included, a visit to the archaeological ruins located in Chinchero.

The flight of the condor

The flight of the condor – 3 Days – 2 Nights
Arequipa, the second-largest city in Peru, is sophisticated in its own way. A predominant, cream-coloured stone dominates construction in the city. Its cuisine is fresh and original – and whets the appetite. Here, at 2,400 meters above sea level, one finds exceedingly talented weavers working wonders with Peru’s long-standing, traditional fiber: alpaca. In this world, the world of the Andes, time seems to stand still. And many people are surprised to learn that the world’s second-deepest canyon, the Colca, is located nearby. Surrounding communities – Chivay, Cabanaconde, and Yanque – demonstrate to tourists how life can be lived at such high altitudes. Exceedingly high mountains, sacred mountains (!), sweeping panoramic views, and the flights of soaring Andean condors will entice you, delight you, and welcome you to southern Peru.

Ethnic Lake Titicaca

Ethnic Lake Titicaca – 4 Days, 3 Nights
Discover the ethnicity of Peru and its fabulous Lake Titicaca islands: Amantani, Taquille, and Uros. Sail Lake Titicaca and travel back in time. See firsthand how the inhabitants of Amantani live -without electricity-and prepare a meal with the ingredients they cultivate. Meet with the wonderful people of Taquile and learn how skilled they are in the art of hand woven textile crafts. Visiting the Uros will give you a feeling of an ancestral instinct mixed with a puzzling dilemma: how do they cope with modernity? Finally, we follow Manco Capac’s route and see many of the archaeological sites encountered by the founder of Cusco and the Inca civilization.

Nazca Lines to Lima

Nazca Lines to Lima – 4 Days – 3 Nights
Hidden between sand dunes and the Pacific Ocean, the Nazca Lines to Lima is a tour full of visits to archaeological sites, pisco (Peruvian national drink) traditions, wild nature, and museums. Majestic, mysterious, and puzzling, the Nazca Lines are the highlight of this tour. After this sun-baked day, we chill out at the Huacachina, enjoy a Pisco tasting, and have a go at sand boarding.
A full immersion in the wild nature of the Ballestas Islands will leave you speechless! It’s no wonder they’re known as the “Peruvian Galapagos”. We finish off visiting Colonial Lima and the refined Museo Larco.

Lima Nazca Express

Lima Nazca Express – 4 Days – 3 Nights
Lima, with its well-defined colonial style, as well as the refined Museo Larco, provides a wonderful introduction to Peru. With a taste of Peruvian culture under your belt, it’s time to venture south a bit, on the legendary Panamericana highway! Just south of Lima, one encounters dramatic sand dunes along the coast as the road winds down to “the Peruvian Galapagos”, the Ballestas Islands. This wonder-filled and wonderful marine sanctuary is awe-inspiring. The tour continues with a visit to the Huacachina Oasis, a pisco tasting (a popular, local brandy, most often enjoyed in the classic pisco sour cocktail), and a stop at the Ica Regional Museum, to learn a bit more about the Paracas culture. At day’s end, it’s time to relax and simply enjoy the lagoon, the focal point of the Huacachina oasis and a romantic spot indeed! The Nazca Lines, of course, are the highlight of this particular tour. Thanks to the work of Maria Reiche, these spectacular geoglyphs – at once mysterious and wonderful – are one of Peru’s top archaeological sites.

Lima-Paracas Wildlife Sanctuary

Lima-Paracas Wildlife Sanctuary – 2 Days – 1 Night
Lima, with its well-defined colonial style, as well as the refined Museo Larco, provides a wonderful introduction to Peru. With a taste of Peruvian culture under your belt, it’s time to venture south a bit, on the legendary Panamericana highway! Just south of Lima, one encounters dramatic sand dunes along the coast as the road winds down to “the Peruvian Galapagos”, the Ballestas Islands. This wonder-filled and wonderful marine sanctuary is awe-inspiring. After a quick but memorable tour, it’s time to return to Lima – The City of Kings.

Colca Canyon Tour

Arequipa – ColcaCanyon – Arequipa
Your tour to the Colca Canyon begins from your hotel. Departure from Arequipa is at 8:30 a.m.
Our spectacular trip to the Colca Canyon begins in a northwest direction, winding behind the Chachani volcano and headed (eventually) to Chivay. Our first stop is at the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca at 3,900 meters above sea level (12,795 feet). From here we can see three different types of South American camelid: vicuña, the endangered species from which the finest and most expensive fiber in the world is produced, as well as herds of alpaca and llama.

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