They will begin selling tickets for commercial flights Lima-Huaraz and vice versa: since when?

Áncash will have a modern airport that will allow commercial flights after improvement works. After a meeting between authorities and the Latam company, the dates for the start of operations were determined. Find out the details HERE.

Ancash. With an approximate investment of 15 million dollars, works are currently being carried out at the Comandante FAP Germán Arias Graziani airport in Anta, so it will soon look completely renovated. The improvements will allow the entry of Airbus A-320 or equivalent aircraft, thereby restarting commercial flights in that area of the country. After a meeting between authorities from the Áncash region and executives from the Latam company, it was determined when they will start selling tickets.

When does the sale of tickets for Lima-Huaraz flights begin?

According to the regional governor of Áncash, Koki Noriega Brito, the launch of the Lima – Huaraz ticket sale will be in December and will take place in both the capital of Peru and the northern city. The announcement came after the regional authority met with Antonio Olortegui, central manager of Corporate Affairs, Legal and Compliance of Latam Airlines Peru.

According to Aeropuertos del Perú, the concessionaire in charge of operating air terminals in the country, they are carrying out work in the air terminal with the aim of making the landing strip more resistant and able to accommodate type 320 aircraft. With these works, starting in 2024 They expect to mobilize 200,000 or 250,000 passengers.

When will Lima-Huaraz commercial flights restart?

Although on previous occasions it had been anticipated that commercial flights on the Lima-Huaraz route would restart during the first half of 2024, this time the Ancashino governor maintained that operations at the air terminal would begin next April. With the reopening of the Comandante FAP Germán Arias Graziani de Anta airport, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism hopes that Áncash will once again position itself among the main tourist destinations in Peru.

“I thank the central government for the interest it has placed in the tourism development of the Áncash region, with the improvement of the Anta airport, a fact that has generated the interest of private companies such as Latam for the start of commercial flights never before seen in the Huaylas alley,” said Koki Noriega.

How long is the flight from Lima to Huaraz and vice versa?

Travel time from Lima to Huaraz and vice versa is approximately 45 minutes. The airport is located in the Anta district, Carhuaz province. To get from Anta to the capital of the Áncash region, Huaraz, the traveler can take between 20 and 30 minutes in a private car or taxi.

Tourist attractions of Áncash: Huaylas alley and everything it offers

According to the ‘And you what plans’ page, the Huaylas alley is made up of magnificent towns along the 180 km of this inter-Andean valley. It begins at Laguna Conococha at 4100 m above sea level. n. m. and ends in Duck Canyon. It presents a diversity of microclimates.

Ideal destination for practicing mountaineering, mountain sports, excursions and observers of Andean biodiversity.

    • Recuay: traditional town that maintains Andean architecture. You can visit St. Patrick’s Grotto.
    • Huaraz: capital of Ancash. Modern city that protects its traditions.
    • Carhuaz: located 40 minutes north of Huaraz. Its attractions are the Bruja Armanán waterfall, Chancos thermal baths, and Honcopampa archaeological remains, among several others.

Áncash tourist attractions: Chavín and everything it offers

According to the ‘And you what plans’ page, Chavín is the main temple of one of the most important cultures of the pre-Inca era of Peru. It amazes locals and strangers with its architectural layout, statues and great conservation.

    • Chavín archaeological monument: located 109 km south of Huaraz. It is a ceremonial center with a set of temples, built around 1500 – 500 BC. C. and discovered by Julio C. Tello in 1919. In Chavín de Huantar, tourists can appreciate the Plaza Mayor, the White and Black Staircase, Building A, the Pórtico de las Falcónidas, the Circular Plaza and the Cabezas Clavas. The purchase of the entrance ticket is made at the Chavín Archaeological Monument itself and at the moment only cash is accepted.
    • National Museum of Chavín: presents a collection of ceramic and stone pieces. It exhibits key heads from the Chavín culture.

What are the most visited tourist attractions in Ancash?

    1. Huaraz
    2. Lagoon 69
    3. Chavín de Huántar
    4. Nevado Pastoruri
    5. Yanganuco Lagoon
    6. Yungay Cemetery.

What do the authorities expect with the start of Lima-Huaraz flights?

The authorities hope that this initiative will achieve the reactivation of the economy in the region, as well as promote natural and cultural wealth.

Where is Laguna 69 located?

Laguna 69 is near the town of Huaraz. It is part of the Huascarán National Park, a biosphere reserve with more than 400 lakes and 20 snow-capped mountains that exceed 6,000 meters. This is the most photogenic of all, which is why several tours arrive at this destination. In the case of this hidden paradise, it is located at 4,600 meters above sea level. n. m.

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