Trekking in Peru

Hello! This is Lubov Pershina from Peru. The group from Nizhny Novgorod ” Club Parallel ” today flew to Russia. Yesterday, September 13, we had an interesting morning. We flew over the famous Nazca lines – the mysterious giant drawings on the surface of the desert, called the Pampa de Nazca. For 10 days we were involved in trekking in the mountains, visited the ancient city of Machu Picchu, sailed on boats on lake Titicaca. A lot of impressions! All team members are happy. Everything ended successful. Lubov Pershina, a guide


Finish of the trek program on Peru


July 6 team led by Luda Pershina completed their program in Cuzco. July 5 group had an interesting day – we visited Machu Picchu, the sacred city of the Incas, where we spent about 5 hours. Our representatives, Margarita and Olesia, have climbed the Huayna Picchu peak. Then we had lunch in Aguas Calientes and by the train on the narrow gauge went back to Cuzco. In the morning of 6 July Gusakovsky family departed to continue their journey into the jungle. And I studied with Olesia neighborhood of Cuzco. We visited an Indian village, and admired the night streets of the city of the Incas. Now we walk in Lima waiting for the flight home. Hello to everyone! Luba Pershina


News from our group in Peru, tomorrow – flight home


Yesterday, after a long trip to Peru, a group of 7 Summits Club came to Lima, the capital of Peru. In our active: boating on Lake Titicaca, overnight on the island Amantani on an Indian family, visiting the floating islands of reeds Totoro and familiarity with the life of the local Indian Urus.
Then we moved to Arequipa, on road admiring the graceful vicuña – wild relatives of Lama. Arequipa – amazing colonial city of white stone. From the city you can see beautiful white tops of volcanoes – Misty 5825 m, 6075 m Chachani and Pichu Pichu 5500 m. And also, they say, quite near there is the highest volcano of Peru Coropuna 6425 m. It is not yet explored by us! There is something to aspire!
After Arequipa we fly over the famous Nazca lines, and visited the Ballestas Islands, full of fur seals, penguins Humboldt and various birds. It was the Pacific Ocean. So we have to travel from the Pacific coast up to altitudes of 4600 m pass of Salkantay and again descended to the ocean.
Today we have a tour of Lima and visit at Museum of gold the Inca gold. Tomorrow – flight home.
See you soon!
Luba. Guide and leader of the group


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