Summit! Team of Alexander Abramov stay on the top of Nevado Pisco

Hello! Alexander Abramov sends information from the top of theMount of Nevado Pisco. We are right in the heart of the Cordillera Blanca, the most famous Peruvian mountains. In fact, the summit is luxurious. We went here for 9 hours, quite hard physically, exhausting and relatively difficult ascent. 12 people climbed to the top: three Peruvian guide, I – Abramov and eight Russian members of the expedition. There was no wind, that’s amazing. Around we have a perfect view, absolutely at all mountain of Northern Peru. So far, everything is fine, four days later our team will be climbing the most beautiful mountain in the world – Alpamayo. From here we can see it, too. 7 Summits Club as always on top. Forward and upward! Bye!


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