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Without a doubt, mountaineering in the mountain range in the Peruvian Andes, after the Himalayas, is the highest on the planet. The Huascarán with 6768 masl. It is located in the Cordillera Blanca, the highest tropical mountain in the world, along with dozens of snow-capped peaks over 5,000 meters above sea level. Mountaineering is often understood as the sport practiced in the high mountains, that is, high mountaineering. Thus, who ascends the mountains is called a mountaineer or mountaineer.

Mountaineering in this area is a sport that can be practiced by the most expert professional mountaineers, who will be able to choose extremely difficult ascent routes, and it is also practiced by less expert athletes on the classic easy-ascent routes and conquer the summit of beautiful peaks. And they are classified as follows.

However there are many easily accessible mountains and volcanoes that are over 6000 thousand meters, these are located in Arequipa and Cusco.

Here is a small list of some mountains and volcanoes.


  • Full Day Climb Tour To Misti Volcano
  • One Day Of Climb To Chachani Mountain
  • 1 Day Challenge Trek To Volcan Ubinas
  • Misti Volcano By The Classic Route – 2 Days
  • Misti Aguada Blanca By The North East Face – Easy Way – 2 Days
  • 3 Days Tour To Colca Canyon And Nevado Chachani
  • El Misti Volcano And Chachani Mountain – 3 Days
  • Chachani Volcano By Pampas Cañahuas – 2 Days
  • 2Days Trek To Laguna De Salinas And Volca Misti
  • Sabancaya Active Volcano – 3 Days
  • PichuPichu Mountain By Salinas Lagoon – 2 Days
  • Visit The Deepest Canyon And Awesome Origin Of The River In The World
  • Nevado Mismi And The Colca Canyon (Off the Beaten Tourist Path) – 5 Days
  • Mismi Mountain: The Source Of The Amazon River – 5 Days
  • Ampato Mountain – Sacred Mountain Of The Incas – 3 Days
  • Ampato Climb And Trekking In The Colca Canyon – 6 Days
  • Hualca Hualca Mountain – 4 Days
  • Ubinas Active Volcano – 2 Days
  • Coropuna Mountain – The Third Highest Snow-peak Of Peru – 4 Days
  • Puno Misti Volcano & Colca Trek – 4 Days
  • 4 Days Tour Colca Canyon And Climb To Mount Chachani
  • From Puno Climb To Misti Volcano And Colca Canyon Trek – 5 Days
  • Colca Trek And Climbing To Misti Volcano – 5 Days
  • Colca trek And Climbing To Chachani Mountain – 5 Days
  • From Puno Chachani Snow-peak – 2 Days
  • From Puno To Summit Of Misti Volcano – 2 Days
  • 6 DAYS COLCA ADVENTURE TOURS; Rock Climbing – Biking – Horse Riding – Hiking


  • Cerro Blanco Sand Dune – Highest Dune In The World

For many mountain enthusiasts the chance to ascend the snow peaks of the Andes is irresistible challenge. The most demanding and popular place for mountaineering in Peru is the spectacular Cordillera Blanca in Huaraz region. There are many peaks over 5000m including an incredible 33 peaks over 6000M and Huacaran at 6768M, Peru’s highest peak. To do a guided climb up any one of these huge mountains takes a minimum of 3 days or more depend on the difficulty and altitude.

Another popular region is Arequipa with several active volcanoes in the region. The most popular climb is the beautiful El Misti takes 2 days and does not require any previous mountaineering experience. Other volcanoes such as Misti and Chachani volcano, Ampato Mountain, Coropuna Mountain, Mismi Mountain, Pichu Pichu Snow-capped and Ubinas volcano can be climbed accompanied with an experienced mountain guide and all take a minimum of 2 days between the moths of May and November. Our entire recognized guides are trained and good knowledge of each mountain, the best goal for mountain climbing tours are our camping and climbing gear, four season tents, new ice axe and crampons are available for all clients. PERU EXPEDITIONS TOURS organise cusotmized climbs and combining alternative treks on high place to get better acclimatise to altitude before you try on high peak of mountain or active volcanoes in the south of Peru.


Below are mentioned all the snow-peaks and volcanoes around Arequipa region where PERU EXPEDITIONS TOURS organize customized trek and climbings including all safety and profesionalism of our mountain guides and camp staff – Our company also hire camping/climbing gear, 4×4 jeep and certified mountain guide for expeditions through these mountains/volcanoes – For more information contact us directly by email.

– Volcan Misti 5825M.
– Nevado Picchu Picchu 5664M.
– Nevado Chachani 6070M.
– Nevado Ampato 6288M.
– Nevado Coropuna 6425M.
– Nevado Solimana 6093M.
– Nevado Firura 5475M.
– Nevado Hualca Hualca 6025M.
– Volcan Sabancaya 5967M.
– Nevado Chucura 5425M.
– Volcan Ubinas 5672M.
– Nevado Mismi 5597M.
– Volcan Huaynaputina 4850M.
– Nevado Bomboya 5240M.
– Nevado Sepregina 5340M.

Peaks above 6,000 metres

This is a list of the thirty-seven 6000 metre peaks in Peru as defined by a regain height, or prominence, above a col of 300m or more. This list is taken from the full set of Peruvian IGM maps alongside various climbing and mountaineering records. Heights are taken from the Peruvian IGM 1:100,000 series maps with the OEAV survey maps of the Cordillera Blanca (north and south) used where the IGM maps do not give spot heights. SRTM data has been used in a few places to confirm these heights, but due to the steep terrain is often unusable.

RegionMountain range
Huascarán S6,768AncashCordillera Blanca
Huascarán N6,655AncashCordillera Blanca
Yerupajá6,617AncashCordillera Huayhuash
Coropuna6,425ArequipaCordillera Occidental
Huandoy6,395AncashCordillera Blanca
Coropuna Casulla6,377ArequipaCordillera Occidental
Ausangate6,372CuscoCordillera Vilcanota
Huantsan (Tunshu)6,369AncashCordillera Blanca
Chopicalqui6,345AncashCordillera Blanca
Siula Grande6,344LimaHuánucoCordillera Huayhuash
Chinchey (Rurichinchay)6,309AncashCordillera Blanca
Coropuna E6,305ArequipaCordillera Occidental
Ampato6,288ArequipaCordillera Occidental
Palcaraju6,274AncashCordillera Blanca
Salcantay6,271CuscoCordillera Vilcabamba
Santa Cruz6,241AncashCordillera Blanca
Copa6,188AncashCordillera Blanca
Ranrapalca6,162AncashCordillera Blanca
Huandoy S6,160AncashCordillera Blanca
Pucaranra6,156AncashCordillera Blanca
Hualcán (Rahupakinan)6,122AncashCordillera Blanca
Yerupaja Chico6,121AncashCordillera Huayhuash
Callangate (a.k.a. Qullpa Ananta, Cayangate or Chimboya)6,110CuscoCordillera Vilcanota
Chacraraju6,108AncashCordillera Blanca
Chumpe (a.k.a. Hatunrit’i, Ñañaluma, Wisk’achani, Yanaluma)6,106CuscoCordillera Vilcanota
Alcamarinayoc (a.k.a. Qullqi Cruz)6,102CuscoCordillera Vilcanota
Jirishanca6,094AncashHuánucoCordillera Huayhuash
Hatunuma (Pico Tres)6,093CuscoCordillera Vilcanota
Solimana6,093ArequipaCordillera Occidental
Chachani6,057ArequipaCordillera Occidental
Yayamari (Montura)6,049CuscoCordillera Vilcanota
Pucajirca6,046AncashCordillera Blanca
Chaupi Orco6,044PunoBoliviaCordillera Apolobamba
Quitaraju6,036AncashCordillera Blanca
Tocllaraju6,034AncashCordillera Blanca
Hualca Hualca6,025ArequipaCordillera Occidental
Caraz6,025AncashCordillera Blanca

Peaks less than 6000m

Many peaks in Peru frequently quoted as being over 6000m are under this height according to the most recent surveys published by the Peruvian IGM. These peaks include:- Pumasillo 5,991m, Lasunayoc 5,936m, Yanarahu 5,954m, Artesonraju 5,999m, Sabancaya 5,976m,

Palumani 5,723m, Sara Sara 5,505m, Helancoma 5,367m.

Sub-peaks with less than 300m re-ascent

Other 6,000 m peaks which are often defined as individual peaks but which have less than 300 m of re-ascent or prominence, include:- Huandoy W 6,342 m (prominence between 200-250m), Sarapu 6,127 (prominence between 180-230m), Callangate North 6,000 m (less than 295m prominence).

Qaras E (6025m) and Rasac (6,017 m) may or may not have 300m prominence. There is insufficient data on the relevant Peruvian IGM maps.

Mountain ranges

Peru is home to a number of mountain ranges, including the following:

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We as PERU EXPEDITIONS TOURS a high mountain company can organize your trip according to your needs and experience, we are ready to organize your trip and help you to make your trip unforgettable.

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