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Tour Mountain Bike in Peru: Many people have become healthier by mountain biking, even when their main goal was to have fun! As a means of recreation, mountain biking is so attractive and exciting that it allows you to have fun while you sweat, shaping your body and strengthening your muscles. It also has the ability to keep you physically, mentally, emotionally and socially fit. There aren’t that many sporting activities that have as much capacity as mountain biking! Let’s look at the health benefits of mountain biking.

Peru Expeditions Tours: is a travel agency specialized in organizing mountain bike programs in the best destinations in Peru, according to the modality and level of experience.

Mountain biking in Peru: Learn everything about this sport
Mountain biking in Peru is an extreme sport that is usually practiced in rugged mountain terrain, although deserts and national parks are also explored. If outdoor sports and the most beautiful Peruvian landscapes are your thing, this article is for you.

What are the benefits of mountain biking in Peru?
Practicing mountain biking in Peru is a unique experience due to the richness of the country’s landscapes. Lima, San Martín, Arequipa, Huánuco and Piura are some of the regions that have exclusive roads to practice this sport. However, the Andes routes in general are the most attractive.
Practicing this sport helps you stay active, reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, anxiety and stress. Living new experiences creates a close connection with nature that significantly improves your mood.

How did mountain biking originate?
Mountain biking originated in the 1970s in California, United States. By the end of the decade, a large number of people were already traveling by bicycle around the country. Soon the competitions to descend from the hills began in San Francisco and Marin counties. In the 80s, bicycles had improvements in their structure to facilitate better travel, performance and safety.

In 1996, mountain biking became an Olympic sport when it entered the Atlanta Olympic Games. In total, 14 different events were held in this sport, divided into three cycling disciplines: 4 road events, 8 track events and 2 mountain events.

The bicycle arrived in Peru at the end of the 19th century in the context of the Aristocratic Republic (1895-1919). The first bicycles were brought by young people from Lima who had the possibility of traveling to Europe and also by English migrants, says Jorge Lossio, historian.

In Peru «Best Internacional S.A. It was the first company to import mountain bikes in 1984 and promote the new sport. On February 25, 1989, Jorge Koeklin and Canal 7 TV organized the first mountain bike competition, and starting in 1991, mountain bikes came equipped with cutting-edge technology. This is how the first Pachacamac Mountain Biking Club (2311326) was founded, according to the portal.

The technique for this sport: Mountain biking requires knowledge to develop it and stay safe. For this, the position on the bicycle is important, the seat should not be too high or low, as the cyclist’s legs would be drawn up or stretched and could cause injuries, the same for the arms, nor too stretched or bent.

Pedaling is another technique that must be taken into account for mountain biking. The mechanics and rhythm of pedaling must be practiced according to the circumstances, obstacles and tests. The use of the brake is another significant point, which is why the most anatomical ones are more recommended.

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Top travel destination in Cusco

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  • Mountain-Bike in Maras Moray And Machu Picchu Bike Tour – 2 Days
  • Mountain-Bike in Sacred Valley Of The Incas Cross Country – Full Day
  • Mountain-Bike And Trekking Tour Through Jungle Inca Trail To Machu Picchu – 4 Days Classic tour
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  • Mountain-Bike in Abra Malaga Donwhill Mountain Bike – Full Day
  • Mountain-Bike Tour From Cusco To Manu National Park – 4 Days
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Top travel destination in Arequipa

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  • Mountain-Bike Daily Half Day Around Volcanoe Misti
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  • Mountain-Bike in Colca Canyon – 3 Days
  • Mountain-Bike And Trekking Colca Canyon – 4 Days
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  • Mountain-Bike in Andagua Volcanoes Valley – 4 Days Tour
  • Mountain-Bike 3 days of Adventure Tours in Arequipa – Rafting, Mountain Adventures, Quad Biking, Camping and Sandboarding, extreme sports
  • Mountain-Bike in Colca; Rock, Climbing – Biking – Horse Riding – Hiking, and much more!

Top travel destination in Ica & Nazca

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  • MTB in Pampas Galeras Downhill Full Day, departure everyday

Top travel destination in Puno

  • MTB Around The Lake Titicaca Full Day
  • MTB From Puno To Cusco 5 Day
  • MTB Downhill And Cross Country Bike Tour From Puno To Puerto Maldonado 3 Days

Top travel destination Jungle of Peru

  • Mountain-Bike Full Downhill Tour From Cusco To Manu Jungle In 3 Days
  • Mountain-Bike Uphill And Downhill Mountain Bike Tour From Cusco To Puerto Maldonado Jungle – 6 Days Tours

PERU EXPEDITIONS TOURS We give you recommendations and advice before booking a bicycle tour with us. We only want to prevent injuries during the bicycle tours that are organized throughout Peru. Our country Peru has the three regions; Coast, Sierra and Jungle, within them we have many travel options for your next vacation, if you want to know more about our trips, please contact us.

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Mountain biking in Peru is an extreme sport that is usually practiced in rugged mountain terrain, although deserts and national parks are also explored.

Why us?

We can think of a thousand reasons to come enjoy an authentic mountain bike adventure with us, but here are a few:

  • Wilderness First Responder certified guides
  • Your money helps us help people in remote towns who need clothes, toys, groceries and medicines.
  • Ancestral Routes and unique towns in the world.
  • Fleet of rental bikes FOR ALL SIZES AND REQUIREMENTS
  • Experienced guides prepared for emergencies.
  • Mountain bike expeditions and routes that no one else offers.
  • Small groups for greater security and personalized experience.
  • The best typical local food made with organic ingredients.

When one thinks about hiring a Mountain Bike Tour in Peru, there are many factors that differentiate one agency from another. Given the wide variety of routes we offer.

Perú Biking has dedicated countless hours to developing safety plans on our routes so that our clients can enjoy cycling safely. We have invested in the necessary equipment and adequate preparation to be able to respond completely effectively to emergency cases on the road.


For more information about the tour or you request a new date to departure for this tour, please contact us.


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