New adventures of Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko in Peru.

Director of the 7 Summits Club Lyudmila Korobeshko reports from Peru:

Greetings from Peru from Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko! We want to tell you how we spent an unforgettable night on the wall at the Sky Lodge Hotel in the Sacred Valley in Peru, near Machu Picchu. We got to the beginning of the route around 17.00. The way to our hotel room on the wall ran along Via Ferrate (staples in the form of stairs and cables). We were given harnesses, helmets, gloves and we ran, as we wanted to get to our hotel before dark. Usually it takes 1.5-2 hours. Although we are accustomed to via Ferrata (in the Crimea and the Alps), we still often stopped to capture each other and the gorgeous views – the Sacred Valley of the Incas, leading to Machu Picchu, spread out below us. The way up is not difficult, but there are overhangs and an interesting place like the Tyrolean traverse (as on Carstensz).
By six in the evening, with sunset, we reached the hotel itself – several capsules on platforms attached to the wall. It turned out that we are the only guests of this hotel. The rest refused or could not come because of the recent political unrest in Peru.
The sleeping room is chic – transparent walls with 360 views, soft beds. There’s even a toilet. But to get into the capsule-dining room, every time you need to put on helmets and climb the via Ferrata. Christmas was celebrated with a wonderful dinner from a Swiss chef. Dinner is prepared in advance, it is warmed up on the wall and beautifully decorated before serving. And also with a bottle of Peruvian red and to the sounds of fireworks from local towns. In the morning, we whistled merrily down six ziplines, where a bus was already waiting for us, taking us to new adventures. We plan to make a super program in Peru in the near future with Rainbow Mountains, an overnight stay on the wall, beautiful simple ascents to the 5th and 6th thousandths, possibly with the addition of Machu


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