Get to know the snowy Alpamayo, the most beautiful mountain in the world

The snow-capped Alpamayo, located in the mountains of the Ancash region, is considered one of the jewels of the Cordillera Blanca and a long-awaited goal for lovers of mountaineering and mountain tourism.

In 1966, 52 years ago, the prestigious Alpinismus magazine awarded it the title of “The most beautiful mountain in the world” and there are plenty of reasons for such a well-deserved distinction.

Mountaineers from all over the world have surrendered at its feet even though they try again and again to reach its sharp summit: the Alpamayo; in the Huascarán National Park, it is perhaps the most beautiful snow-capped mountain in the world. Pyramidal in shape, it ends in a peak that seems to tickle the intense blue sky that crowns the Cordillera Blanca, the highest tropical mountain range in the world.

The Alpamayo is a spectacle, both for those who admire it from their skirts and for those who dare to conquer it.


The beautiful mountain is located near the Alpamayo hamlet, between the Los Cedros and Arhuaycocha streams, in the district of Santa Cruz, province of Huaylas. It has a glacial area of 4.69 square kilometers with a minimum altitude of 4,745 and a maximum of 6,005 meters above sea level.


The snowy Alpamayo, which has a height of 5,947 meters above sea level, is located more than 400 kilometers northeast of the city of Lima. It is a mountain of the Andes mountain range located in the northern part of the western branch of the Cordillera Blanca, within the Huascarán National Park.

General information:


  • Entrance to PN HUASCARAN:
  • Foreigners: S/150
  • Adults: On request
  • Minor: On request
  • Local: S / 60
  • Minor premises: On request

*Reference price valid for 1 day


Authorized guide, mountaineering equipment.

Alpamayo Climb

To reach the summit of the snowy peak, seven days of walking are required to reach the Caracara pass and then to the Alpamayo base camp, from where you get the best views of this magnificent snowy peak and where you can also witness one of the sunsets. most impressive in Peru.

Its access takes place from the city of Caraz, at the northern end of the Callejón de Huaylas, by a 28-kilometer carriageway, to the town of Cashapampa. From this place, there are 22 kilometers of walking along the Santa Cruz stream, to the Quisuarpampa sector, where the detour to the north is taken, ascending through the Arhuaycocha stream, to the base camp.

The Alpamayo has 13 routes, among the best known are: Basque-French, Ferrari, and Japanese. Access to Alpamayo lasts between 5 to 7 days approximately. Currently the expeditions ascend the Quebrada Arhuaycocha, climbing the south west wall (Ferrari route) that was climbed in 1975, with an ascent grade D (Difficult).

The mountain has a level of difficulty between moderate and difficult for those who are interested in climbing it; This difficulty varies depending on the time of the visit and the weather conditions that arise.

The Alpamayo snow-capped mountain has a peculiar shape: pyramidal, a feature that makes it quite attractive for lovers of mountaineering and nature tourism. A destination that deserves to be known.

What can we see in the Alpamayo Climb?

The trek to Alpamayo is one of the longest walks offered by the Huascarán National Park, covering exactly 80 km. During the tour you will have to traverse deep canyons and high slides, in addition to enduring a variety of heights and climates. Likewise, you can admire the rich flora and fauna of the Andes, various glaciers and lagoons, picturesque towns and archaeological remains such as Hualcayán and Yaino. It will be possible to see the imposing snow-capped Alpamayo up close.

The Alpamayo Glacier, known locally as ‘Shuytu rahu’ and internationally as ‘The most beautiful mountain in the world’, is one of the most important tourist spots in the Huascarán National Park and throughout Peru. It is an unforgettable experience to enjoy the majesty and the snowy peaks.

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