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Colca Gorge - home of the condor

“Peru Offers the Experience You’ve Always Been Looking For” reads Peru’s official website. In one of the deepest gorges in the world, the Colca Gorge, you are a guest in the home and kingdom of the condor. With a bit of luck, it will not only show itself to you from afar in the blue sky.

Peru is synonymous with nature

Alpacas greet you in the Andes and you are guaranteed never to be alone on hikes in the Amazon jungle, there are simply too many monkeys circling around you and you are constantly being watched by curious pairs of eyes. The Andean country is one of the ten countries in the world with the greatest biodiversity and the greatest wealth of natural resources. And a few impressive numbers: Ornithologists are delighted by the 1,800 species of birds, and flower lovers will be delighted by the more than 3,500 species of orchids.

Peru eats great

No country in Latin America comes close to Peru when it comes to cuisine. Topography and climatic conditions create conditions under which real culinary wonders sprout. Over 2,500 varieties of potatoes in the Andes, the superfood quinoa or the acai berry in the middle of the rainforest. But the flagship is ceviche. You can try this sour, slightly spicy and cold fish dish on almost every corner.

10 reasons you will love Peru

  1. Lovers of alpacas and llamas will have their hearts beating faster in Peru. You see them not only in the highlands, but also in the streets of Cusco.
  2. Machu Picchu, the spectacular ruins, will enchant you too. One of the 7 new wonders of the world and the must see attraction in Latin America.
  3. The culture of the Incas. Their traditions, their knowledge of astrology, agriculture and architecture still puzzle researchers today.
  4. The diverse facets of nature. Dense, green jungle in the Amazon, wide, dry steppes and the snow-capped Cordillera Blanca in the Andes.
  5. An unforgettable experience is visiting the indigenous people on the floating islands they built on the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca.
  6. Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the country’s markets and try out the unfamiliar types of fruit and vegetables.
  7. Peruvian cuisine is known for ceviche. There are countless variations, depending on the family recipe or the ingredients available. The fresh fish is obligatory.
  8. The Andean music and the warmth of the Peruvians simply make you happy.
  9. Stroll through the narrow streets of the former Inca capital of Cusco and discover the hustle and bustle in the artist district of San Blas and the colonial buildings.
  10. Observe animals. The condor at the Colca Canyon. Monkeys swinging through the treetops in the jungle, sloths, river otters… in the Amazon.

Hiking between the sea and the Andes

In Peru, your hiking heart will beat a beat faster. The Andean country trumps itself with its incomparable untouched nature and cultural shrines. Step by step you approach the “hidden city” of Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail, hike through the sacred valley, the gigantic mountains of the north and to the sources of the Amazon.

Experience nature and culture actively

Stroll through the “white city” of Arequipa and stroll through the narrow streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and former capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco. Let yourself be carried away by the hustle and bustle in the bohemian district of San Blas. Hike along the Colca Canyon, explore the terraced salt pans of Maras and the Valley of the Incas on a hike. On foot and by boat you go in search of traces of the animal inhabitants of the Amazon.

Sportive hiking in Peru

Bienvenidos in Peru. From the skyscrapers of the capital Lima to the natural giants of Peru, the Andes. On the sporty hikes you will discover well-known highlights such as the colorful Rainbow Mountains. Our insider tip with wow character is the Tres Cañones de Suykutambo. Three rivers flow together here between 80 m high rock faces. Pic of the day: the pre-Inca ruins of Taqrachullu and Maukallaqta, enthroned at about 4,000 m above the gorge.

Discover journey

Lake Titicaca - the highest navigable lake in the world

South America’s largest freshwater lake lies on the border between Peru and Bolivia. A very special place for the Peruvians. According to mythology, this is where the children of the sun rose from the water to found the empire of the Incas. Boat trips introduce you to the way of life of the Indians on the floating islands of the Uros. The descendants of the ancient Uro people once constructed the islands from reeds and show you the importance of this raw material in their everyday life.

Discover Lake Titicaca

The "Hidden City" - Machu Picchu

Peru is known worldwide as the land of the Incas and Machu Picchu, the country’s icon, regularly graces all travel hit lists. It is also one of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Surrounded by temples and terraces, the majestic Inca citadel sits picturesquely on the highest point of a green mountain.
Due to its sheltered location in the Andean highlands between two mountain peaks at an altitude of 2,400 m, it was only discovered in 1911.

Explore Machu Picchu

Full of colors – the Rainbow Mountains

Experience the (un)known highlights between the gigantic mountains of the north and the impressive cultural sites of the south. Hike high up to Mount Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain (5,100 m). A unique natural spectacle. The “Cruz del Condor” viewpoint and the short variant of the spectacular Inca Trail to Machu Picchu will also inspire you.

Trekking in Peru

Between cordillera, coast and sea
The mountains of the Andes rise proudly to dizzying heights and stand out sharply against the blue sky. They are silent witnesses to the heyday and the fall of millennia-old cultures. Without words, but with hidden buildings, they tell the story of their country: Peru.

Hiking in the footsteps of the Incas & Indians
Culturally, you can go in search of traces in the legendary Inca site of Machu Picchu and marvel at the impressive Nazca Lines from above on a sightseeing flight. If you haven’t already fallen for the magic of the country, you will rave about Peru because of the cordial nature of its inhabitants. Meet carpet weavers from Lake Titicaca and hear about the mountain guides who intentionally pour the national drink, pisco, on the ground!

Trekking trip in Peru

Peru is adorable!

Among them was the 5,947m high Alpamayo in Peru. You don’t have to be a seasoned mountaineer to love Peru – like Günter Hauser did – because the Andean country has a lot more to offer: Jungle adventures with piranha fishing and lodge stays in the Amazon region, boating on the highest navigable lake in the world , Lake Titicaca, hike with the majestic condors in the Colca Canyon, observe the rich birdlife and sea lions on the Pacific coast.

Trekking from Colca Canyon to the mystical Machu Picchu

In the middle of the Andes we stand on the edge of the deepest gorge on the continent, the Colca Canyon . We watch the soft flapping of the wings of the Andean condor circling above us. On the shore of the deep blue, glittering Lake Titicaca , we are warmly welcomed by a farmer’s family and experience their everyday life up close. On the way to Cusco we take our time and hike off the beaten track through the Tinajani Gorge. An insider tip and UNESCO cultural heritage awaits us afterwards: the Qeshuachaca rope bridge has been stretched over the Apurimac River by the surrounding communities every year since the Inca times. Surrounded by white glacier mountains, we hike in the middle of the rugged mountains of the Cordillera Vilcabamba. We trek on the Ancascocha Trail, far away from civilization and enjoy the solitude on the most beautiful paths. Past rushing waterfalls we cross the Kuychicassa Pass (4450 m) and are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the sacred valley. On the paths of the Incas we reach what is probably the most important testimony to Inca rule – Machu Picchu.

Circumnavigation of the Cordillera Huayhuash

The Cordillera Huayhuash – an Andean chain in northern Peru with crystal-clear, turquoise lagoons and snow-capped peaks. During our 8-day trekking we get to know one of the most spectacular high mountains in the world. Nine peaks over 6,000 m are here – including the second highest mountain in Peru, the 6,634 m high Yerupaja Grande . We hike up close to the glacier walls of the steep, bizarre peaks. Again and again our gaze wanders to the neighboring Cordillera Blanca. The encounters with local shepherds remain just as unforgettable as the panoramic views that open up to us every day.

Llamas & Alpacas as constant companions

Llama and alpaca herders accompany us on a multi-day trekking on hidden Inca trails through the mountains of the Cordillera Vilcanota – we always have the 6,384 m high Apu Ausangate in view. On a clear day, it can even be seen from the Inca capital of Cusco. The Andean people regard its summit as “Apu”, a sacred mountain deity. Our “Andean camels” make our hikes easier and are our faithful companions. During the trekking, the lodges of the organization “Camino del Apu” are our new home. We help to secure jobs and apprenticeships and prevent rural exodus, because the operators of the accommodation are the villagers themselves.

On the Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain

In Peru we also experience a natural wonder of a special kind: the tectonics turned the colorful layers of sediment, which are actually stacked on top of each other, upside down and pushed them up 5,200m. The Vinicunca is therefore often called “Rainbow Mountain”. This spectacular photo spot is just one of the highlights on the Ausangate Trek. We cross several passes over 4,500m high and enjoy breathtaking views over the Andes. Here is the journey.

Video impressions from the Peru trekking:

Trekking on the Inca Trail – The most beautiful way to Machu Picchu:


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