Club Group 7 Vershin met the sacred valley and moves to Machu Picchu

Club Group 7 Vershin met the sacred valley and moves to Machu Picchu

The guide of Club 7 Vershin Daria Sivova passes from Peru:

Buenas Diaz from the « Let’s Lamu » from sunny Peru! The second day of our program began with an awakening at the extreme StarLodge Hotel. We met an incredible dawn in the Holy Valley, and after breakfast we went to explore it.

The Holy Valley — is the very heart of the birth of the civilization of ancient Incas. This is not just a place of strength, it is a place where history is oozing from every piece of land. It is believed that it was from here that the world began.

Today we visited the salt mines of Salineras de Maras — this is more than 5000 cascading baths; on terraces ( circles ) Morai, the origin of which is still not known; and in the complex of Olyantaytambo — archaeological excavations of the settlements of the Incas, the history of which is also still argued by historians and archaeologists.

And in the evening we went by train to the New Miracle of Light — the ancient city of Machu Picchu, which we have to explore tomorrow morning! We are in anticipation. The ancient civilization of the Incas so far leaves more questions than answers, and the history of Peru is exciting more and more every day.

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