Club Group 7 Vershin « Let’s Lama » spent a research day at « World Center » and went on new adventures in Peru

Club Group 7 Vershin « Let's Lama » spent a research day at « World Center » and went on new adventures in Peru

Buenas Noches from the group « Let Lama » from the incredible Peru!

Today we explored the capital of the Inca Empire — Cuzco. In Quechua « World Center, Earth’s Poop ». According to ancient legends, it was from here that the World began.

Cuzco can be explored endlessly, but today on the Independence Day of Peru we visited the most important places of the hero’s city: the Most Important Temple of the Empire, Inca Korikancha. It was built in honor of the God of the Sun, 400 years ago its walls were completely doused with gold. Few know that it was Peru during the Inca Empire that was the center of gold mining. And how many more unknown treasures does this amazing country hide in itself!

We also visited the Saksayuaman Archaeological Park, Kenko and Tambomachai. The study of stones has never been so interesting. By the way, the question is: why do you think?

And of course, we could not help but visit the famous San Pedro market, where you can find everything: from souvenirs to shamanistic attributes.

And what awaited us after dinner … also few know that Peru — is a gastronomic paradise in Latin America. It is here that is the best Michelin restaurant in the world. That is why we could not deny ourselves the pleasure of exploring the local cuisine. For lunch, we went to a traditional local restaurant where Kuya ( yes, yes, it is him! ). And for dinner, amazing steaks from alpaca were waiting for us!

Tomorrow we go to the Rainbow Mountains and to climb the Peak Maria! Wish us good luck!

In touch with Daria Sivova and Boris Egorov!

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