Club Group 7 Peaks arrived in Peru. A new super-program « Adventures in the Peruvian Andes » begins

Club Group 7 Vershin met the sacred valley and moves to Machu Picchu

Buenas Diaz from Peru! Club 7 Peaks has already begun the season in South America! Helmet greetings from the country of ancient Incas — Peru! For almost 3 years, the country was closed due to a pandemic. But we are pleased to announce that now Peru welcomes tourists, and Club 7 Vershin opens a new incredible direction.

One of the most interesting and saturated programs — « Adventures in the Peruvian Andes » begins. We are waiting for Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountains, the cultural capital of Arequipa and its Valley of the Volcanoes with climbing to the six-thousander Chachani.

Today, the whole group is finally assembled in the ancient capital of Inca — Cuzco. And tomorrow we are starting our incredible adventure with the extreme Star Lodge Hotel.

Follow us, it will be interesting!

In touch with Sivov Daria, and very soon, the super-guid Boris Egorov will join us.

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