Club 7 Summits invites you to Peru! The country is open and waiting for guests

Welcome to Peru! A country of amazingly beautiful mountains, paradoxical historical monuments, with a unique flavor of modern life. Coronavirus reached the foot of the Andes, but local authorities decided that its threat was less than the threat of economic losses. About 3 million tourists visit Peru every year, and losing such an income item would be a very difficult test for the country.
So the country is open. The only thing left is the PCR test. The unique Machu Picchu complex was opened (free of charge until the end of the year!), numerous trekking routes were opened, the wonderful mountain peaks of Alpamayo and Huascaran were opened for climbing … The 7 Summits Club has been operating in Peru for more than 15 years, during which time we have established excellent business and friendly relations with local guides. These are professionals of the highest standard. So we can offer a variety of travel options. Upon request, we can easily organize the program you are interested in and guarantee the high quality of the application! Call and write!


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