Club 7 Summits announces a new project – “7 Super Mountains”!

The most beautiful and famous mountains of the world in the program “Seven Super Mountains of the World”

The 7 Summits Club has come up with a new project that can ignite the enthusiasm of collecting any climber, that is, any real climber. It’s just a DREAM multiplied by seven! We offer to visit all continents in a short time and on each of them to climb one of the legendary, famous peaks.

For the emergence of mountaineering as the most important step in the development of the mountainous regions of the world, the highest peaks of the regions were of primary importance. And further in its development, the most beautiful, steepest and seemingly impregnable mountains played the main role. The first ascent to the summit of the Matterhorn in the 60s of the XIX century required real audacity, it was the birth of sport mountaineering. The eyes do not believe in the possibility of finding a way, but the legs and arms are already approaching the goal!

Here is our pick, our list of seven super peaks from seven continents.
They are all so different and all so cool.

  • Matterhorn (4478 m) – Europe
  • Alpamayo (5957 m) – South America
  • El Capitan (2307 m) – North America
  • Kenya – Batian (5199 m) – Africa
  • Ama Dablam ( 6814 m) – Asia
  • Cook’s Peak (3754 m) – New Zealand
  • Ulvetanna (2931m) – Antarctica, Queen Maud Land.

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Matterhorn – the main symbol of mountaineering, a symbol of the Alps and a symbol of a mountaineering dream

It is widely believed that it was the Matterhorn that became the main reason for the emergence of mountaineering as a sport. The shape of the mountain is so unexpected and shocking that it clearly surpasses all the imaginations of the architects. In an era when climbers tried to climb only along the easiest paths, he “called” everyone’s eyes with his fundamental unattainability. And among the climbers there could not be found those who would not dare to accept the challenge. It is impossible to imagine a climber who would not dream of climbing this mountain… We know how to do it!

Alpamayo is a champion of beauty, a mountain for aesthetes

Officially, the title of the most beautiful mountain in the world back in 1966 was awarded to one of the most beautiful peaks of the Peruvian Andes – Alpamayo. UNESCO has recognized the natural wonder as the most beautiful mountain in existence, due to its regular shape: its middle name is Shuyturau, which means “Snow Pyramid”. The height of the mountain is a little less than six thousand meters, and the shape seems to be an ideal pyramid, with many neatly spaced edges. Climbing will not seem easy, but from other mountains of the “seven” it is more guaranteed.

Ama Dablam – a mountain that eclipses Everest itself

It is amazing how a mountain just above 6800 meters high can overshadow its neighbor, which is almost exactly 2 kilometers higher. Ama Dablam is an amazing natural formation, a beautiful mountain, an ornament, a dominant of the Khumbu valley region. It has an amazing attractive power – you can’t take your eyes off it. At first, the first climbers who visited the area doubted that it was even possible to climb it. The first impression is that the peak is protected on all sides by a belt of hanging glaciers. But the path is well known, although there is a sufficient set of difficulties on it.

El Capitan – a shocking, unreal massif, wall-walls, classics, a testing ground for the development of wall climbing


At the base of this gigantic wall, America’s top climbers and wall climbers gather and live here for months trying to become masters of El Capitan. Every visitor, even a mountaineering professional, being here for the first time, involuntarily experiences admiration and awe. You won’t find this kind of scope anywhere else. Dozens of routes, one to one, hundreds of meters of verticals, merciless to any weakness. Perfect granite, perfect cracks, incredible length and exposure routes. It is simply unrealistic to go through this at once. For beginners – only with the help of guides!

Mount Kenya – Batian: an emerald oasis of mountaineering among the savannahs and other African exotics


Kenya is not only a country, it is also its highest mountain – a multi-peak massif near the equator, decorated with ice spots and surrounded by a multi-colored plant palette. The highest of its bastions is called Batian – it is a difficult object of technical mountaineering, with really difficult climbing on strong rocks with good protection. The national parks surrounding the mountain will also not leave anyone indifferent – after all, since childhood, everyone has heard that they should not go to Africa. And I always wanted to go there.

Mount Cook – the monarch of the New Zealand realm of fantastic landscapes


Like a giant white flame, above the array of the legendary New Zealand Alps rises the peak, named after the navigator, the discoverer of this wonderful country. These places have now become a natural setting for the most fantastic films. Local guides say that visitors usually underestimate the difficulty of climbing Mount Cook. Already a very long route, requiring both acclimatization, and knowledge of the specifics, and just good luck. The weather is not so often here, and it won’t be easy.

Ulvetanna – a journey beyond our fantasies, into space, beyond our planet


Any other impressions cannot be compared with the Antarctic, they are simply different, cosmic. But even for Antarctica, the mountains of Queen Maud Land look like an absolute miracle. These rocky peaks, reaching up to a kilometer in height , grow directly from the ice sea. Ulvetanna is a Norwegian word meaning “Wolf’s Fang”, and the Norwegians were the first to climb it. But the array itself is closest to the Russian station Novolazarevskaya. Traveling to these places is also an opportunity to touch the history of the exploration of Antarctica by our polar explorers. And also as a Russian contribution – in November 2010, our friend Valery Rozov made the first wingsuit jump in the history of Antarctica from the top, just from Ulvetanna.

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