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We are a local travel agency with main office in the city of Huaraz, we offer the best tourist destinations for one day, within the Cordillera Blanca, these tourist destinations are focused on young people, family trips, couples trips, trips for people Older ones, for the general public, are highly visited and classic trips. We are a group of renowned High Mountain Guides with an international legacy. We work cooperatively together PERU EXPEDITIONS TOURS E.I.R.L & GRUPO ALPAMAYO TOURS S.RL.

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    ✅ 2D /1N + Hotel Valery Center – From S/160.00 por Person 🛏️

    ✅ 3D /2N + Hotel Valery Center – From S/270.00 por Person 🛏️

    ✅ 4D /3N + Hotel Valery Center – From S/380.00 por Person 🛏️

    ✅ 1D /1N + Hotel Valery Center – (Nevado Mateo) 👣 From S/350.00 per Person 🚵🏻‍♂️

    The best tourist destinations near Huaraz; lagoon and culture

1. Hiking Laguna Parón (4250 m)

2. Quebra Llanganuco Lagoons Chincancocha & Orconcocha (3800 m):

3. Hiking Glacier Pastoruri & Puyaraymondi (5000 m)

4. Cultural Bus TourChavin de Huantar (3400 m)

5. Hiking, Trekking Lagoons 69 (4650 m)

6. Climb your first 5000 thousand with us Nevado Mateo (5150 m)


Travel with a formal agency, travel safely, travel with us, we have more than 40 years of experience!


To start in the world of mountaineering we have an easily accessible mountain within the Cordillera Blanca, the name of this mountain is Nevado Mateo (5150 m).

Nevado Mateo: mountaineering dreams in the Cordillera Blanca In mountaineering circles, the Nevado Mateo, 5150 meters above sea level, is considered the beginning of mountaineering, the beginning of one of the best experiences in life.

The impressive view from the summit will leave you amazed and wanting to climb the next snow-capped peaks of our beautiful Cordillera Blanca.

Expedition for beginners in mountaineering and ice lovers.

This adventure begins with the pick up from your hotel with our mobility to head northeast of Huaraz, entering through the town of Carhuaz, passing through the town of Shilla and the Huascarán National Park until we reach Punta Olímpica where you will begin this journey with a walk through the moraine, until we reach the glacier base where we will put on the necessary equipment to start climbing the mountain to the summit and be able to contemplate the view of Nevado Contrahiervas and the small and large Cancará lagoons.

In this incredible adventure you will be accompanied by our group of professional, local guides who know the routes. Offering you the best anecdotes on this incredible route.


1. Hiking Lagoon Wilcacocha (3725 m):

2. Hiking Lagoon Churup (4450 m) :

3. Rock Climbing in Hatun Machay

4. One Day Canyoning/Canyoning Tour:

5. See our videos the best places top visited tours in Huaraz:

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Grupo Alpamayo Tours & Hotels Valery Group in the city of Huaraz.

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