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Trekking and Mountaineering in Chile and Argentina

Chile and Argentina: Trekking Continental ice - Fitz Roy (1200 m) / (3900 ft) and Cerro Torre (1100 m) /(3608ft)

An ice sheet is a mass of glacier ice that covers surrounding terrain and is greater than 50,000 km2 (19,000 sq mi), thus also known as continental glacier. Monte Fitz Roy (also known as Cerro Chaltén, Cerro Fitz Roy: or simply Mount Fitz Roy) is a mountain located near El Chaltén village, in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile. First climbed in 1952 by French alpinists Lionel Terray and Guido Magnone, it remains among the most technically challenging mountains for mountaineers on Earth.

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Chile and Argentina: Trekking Patagonia - Adventures Iguazu Falls (82 m) / (3900 ft)

Patagonia is a geographical region located in the southernmost part of America, comprising areas of southern Argentina and Chile Iguazu Falls:Iguazu Falls, Iguazú Falls, Iguassu Falls, or Iguazu Falls (Spanish: Cataratas del Iguazú Guarani: Chororo Yguasu Portuguese: Cataratas do Iguaçu are waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu. The Iguazu River rises near the city of Curitiba.

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Expeditions over 6000m Cerro Aconcagua (6962 m) in Argentina

Argentina: Expedition to Aconcagua (6.962 m) route 360 the highest mountain of South America

About Aconcagua: Mt Aconcagua is the center and main motive of the Aconcagua Provincial Park , one of the most spectacular protected areas of the Republic of Argentina . Aconcagua route 360: is the name of a successful attempt by Briton Jason Lewis to be the first person to circumnavigate the globe using only human power – no motors or sails. It was begun by Lewis and Stevie Smith in 1994 and ended at 12:24 pm on 6 October 2007, when Lewis re-crossed the prime meridian at Greenwich, London, having travelled

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Argentina: Expedition to Aconcagua (6.962 m) normal route the highest mountain of South America

About Aconcagua: Stand on the highest spot of the Southern Hemisphere and observe the magnificence of The Andes The normal route is technically easy. The hard part is the altitude. This is why we are so careful with the acclimatization. The approach to Plaza de Mulas is a long distance of about 40 km. We are also used to making acclimatization trekking to Plaza Francia, the Base Camp of the Southern Wall. It takes us three days to get to Plaza de Mulas. To reach a better acclimatization and to enjoy a unique view of the Aconcagua we will make a trekking to Mt Bonete (4900 mts) . .

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