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Social Project History with Peru Expeditions

We as a local company like Peru Expeditions Tours know the reality of our region.

Every year we organize ourselves with the support of our staff who work with us on the walks, treks, and mountains to be able to go to remote towns where they live, there are many remote towns where there are many children, our support project is focused on bring them gifts for an event that is well known and that children like very much, this day is CHRISTMAS.

As every year we give help and share Christmas and raise funds to finance this act of support for the people who need it most.

1. Religious festival that is celebrated on December 25, in which Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus.

“Christian communities celebrate Christmas with the traditional midnight mass”

2. Day on which this holiday is celebrated, which is December 25.

3. Period immediately after that day that lasts until Three Kings Day and usually coincides with the school vacation period that takes place on those dates.

“Anyway, Christmas is approaching, and for days now a Christmas carol from my remote land and childhood has moaned melancholically in my memory”

Since 2005, with the help of our Peruvian ambassador, Eric Raul Albino Lliuya, Peru Expeditions Tours began our support to the villages by providing funds to revive their annual Chocolatada Festival. Hot chocolate and sweet panetón are traditional staples for celebrating Christmas among Peruvian communities, and the Chocolatada Festival is an opportunity for people to come together to share Christmas cheer. For the past few years we have provided gifts, drinks, food and winter clothing to help the tradition thrive.

For this year 2023, we want to expand our support to the Chocolatada Festival to also include other nearby villages or towns that are located by the sectors of the Huascaran National Park.

If you want to help and join our project, we are very happy to receive your message and plan together and see how we do it in the best way to continue contributing to something positive in society. → For more information or details please contact us

IMPACT: Sponsoring Chocolatada Festivals for some remote villages to continue enjoying local traditions
Broaden our relations to carry-on meaningful projects

How Can I Help?


Every contribution, no matter the amount, helps us continue sponsoring the traditional festival in some remote villages.

→ We can combine this support with your next visit to our mountain region.
→ Do you want to support us and would you like to make a one-time donation?
All forms of help are welcome!


During your visit to the most popular and beautiful circuits within the Cordillera Blanca: Santa Cruz trek, Alpamayo Trek, or the Cordillera Huayhuas, you will see a lot of surrounding towns, these will be the towns that will have the honor of helping if you join to our aid project, most of these towns are located within the Huascaran National Park, but also take in stunning scenery within the Cordillera Blanca mountain range.


Chocolatada has become not only a time of festivities and celebrations, but also a chance for HOP to donate much needed warm clothing and supplies to communities that provide warm welcomes to our signature treks in Peru. We will continue to provide funding and gifts to support Pashpa and Huaripampa’s annual Chocolatada Festival.

Chocolatada has become not only a time for festivities and celebrations, but also an opportunity for Peru Expedition Tours to donate much-needed warm clothing and supplies to communities that warmly welcome our signature treks in Peru. We will continue to provide funds and gifts to support the annual Chocolatada Festival in different towns within or around the National Park.

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to strengthening and training climbing and mountaineering skills for children and adolescents in situations of poverty and vulnerability in the Ancash mountains. In order to join our project and join us, please contact us for more information about all our ongoing projects.

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