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Peru Expeditions Tours Packing List

In it we have provided as much detail on every piece of kit you will need for a safe and successful trekking. The packing list includes personal recommendations on gear that we own and use. We believe these recommended items of gear provide the best value for money and deliver the best performance.

Essential packing list for trekking

Duffle Bag for your trip

At Peru Expeditions Tours: The evening before you start your trek, you will be given a SMALL DUFFLE BAG to pack your clothes for the next four days. Your weight allowance is up to 7 kg/15.4 lbs. Our horseman will carry your duffle bag for you together with the food and camping gear. It is important to be aware that you will not have access to your items in the duffle bag until the end of each day as the horsemen and horses will always be ahead of the group.

The North Face V24 & V25

At Peru Expeditions Tours: During our excursions we provide North Face V24 or V25; 3 season and Doite 4 season tents , this is a confortable and spcaius tents for 4 people but we only provide for 2 people, that means you will sahre with one trekker. On that way you will have extra space for your luggage. Our tents have two door and a vestibule for your boots or trekking poles.

Trek & Mountain Sleeping Bag

At Peru Expeditions Tours: we know that a sleeping bag is the most important gear during a multy-day hike, We use mummy style sleeping bags that are usable in -15°C / 5 F. These are of good standar quality. Our team takes care really well to mantinence each equipment after every trip washing and disinfecting.


At Peru Expeditions Tours: We include a foam pad that provides you comfort and insulation from the ground and help you to rest during the night. “If you rest well, your next day will be good too” If you want to add more confort you may want to consider to upgrading by renting an inflatable sleeping pad… Ask for more details!

Trekking Poles

At Peru Expeditions Tours: Along our different excursion we recommend to take with you a pair of trekking poles. Trekking poles incorporate your arms and shoulders into the hiking motion, allowing you to use more muscle to propel yourself uphill and to control your descent. The net result is an increase in speed, without an increase in leg soreness.

On the trekking terrain Toilet

At Peru Expeditions Tours: There is no need to add additional hiking in the middle of the night when you have to use the bathroom. We set up spotless, environmentally friendly toilet tents, right at your camping and lunch sites. This way, you don’t have to bother with the park toilets, that are not in great condition. In addition, this method lessens our footprint on the environment, while adding the convenience and luxury of a private bathroom to your trekking adventure.

Personal Gear and Medications

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