About Company 7 Summits Club - Клуб 7 Вершин

7 Summits Club is the market leader in active tourism and mountaineering in Russia!

16 successful expeditions to Everest, 25 expeditions to the North and South Pole!

Every year more than 1000 people climb with us in 40 countries of the World!

Our motto is safety and quality!

In organization of climbing peaks, in mountaineering expeditions and in the most difficult high-altitude ascents up to Everest and Antarctica, the 7 Summits Club is a trendsetter in Russia and the countries of the post-Soviet space.

So why are we the best:

  • Ideologically, the 7 Summits Club was created in 1994 to implement the Seven Summits project, but then it grew into a powerful and stable company.
  • Since 2002 (and the founder since 1991) we organize commercial ascents in more than 40 countries of the world and now we have reached the point that more than 1000 people climb with us a year.
  • We have been working on our tours for many years with time-tested local partners – the best and most reliable.
  • Our partners are not the cheapest, but they are selected and they provide a high level of service and security.
  • Our guides have been working with us for several years and undergo a rigorous selection process.

These are the best guides in Russian commercial mountaineering. Masters of sports, Everest climbers, World record holders, mountaineering super-enthusiasts;

  • Our level of service is the highest, all equipment is tested and reliable. We are constantly changing outdated equipment – increasing the level of customer safety.
  • We constantly monitor and change partners and local guides, the level of service of which begins to fall.
  • Our managers are the most experienced in Russia. They have already made the mistakes that all those who are just starting to work make. And they almost never make mistakes. The work of such managers is expensive!!
  • We know how to work with both middle-class people and VIP clients – billionaires and corporations

But we don’t discriminate in travel. In the mountains, as in the bath – everyone is equal!

  • And finally, Mountaineering is a very interesting hobby for us, which we treat very professionally, trips with us are interesting and safe, and our level of service is much higher than average!!!

We have opened offices in the most important places on the planet for us:

  • Head office in Moscow
  • Office in Nepal, Kathmandu
  • Office in Elbrus region
  • Office in Los Angeles
  • Office in St. Petersburg

We are going to open offices in

  • In Crimea
  • In Chamonix

For this reason – our prices are higher than the prices of competitors.

That is why our clients feel comfortable and safe when traveling with the 7 Summits Club.

That is why – we simply have no competitors in Russia)


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